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Performance Miata Brake System


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Part Number: 13-1025

Application: 1994-2000

Price: $469.99


Performance Miata Brake System
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Put this FOUR corner slotted Miata brake rotor system to work for you. Slotted Miata brake rotors provide maximum stopping power in all conditions by allowing harmful heat and gases to escape. The slots are particularly useful for Miata braking in wet conditions because the water that would can momentarily float the pads is squished out the slots instantly! This Miata brake package includes STREET use EBC brake pads which offer better performance with less work than the stock pads. The high grade stainless steel brake lines for front and rear of your Miata utilize Teflon tubing with stainless steel outer tubes to eliminate the lenient pedal feel characteristic to factory spongy rubber lines. This setup includes all four slotted rotors (two front, two rear), pads and new stainless lines for front and rear of your Miata.

Brian's APPLICATION NOTES: When it says STREET, we mean street use, including pads that are optimized for street temperatures, this is NOT a track setup!

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You guys are great! The new suspension is in and the ride is much improved. Thanks for the great service.

-- Chuck

As you can see, i placed another order for more parts for my car. I wanted you to know that I'm pleased at how quickly the wheels/tires came, and the radiator too. Great service and response time.

-- Jeff D.