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RX-7 Suspension Package 93-95


RX7 1979-1995 · Suspension

Part Number: 141065

Application: 1993-1995

Reg. Price: $583.00

Sale Price: $554.99


RX-7 Suspension Package 93-95
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Improve the handling of your RX-7 with a Racing Beat Suspension Package. Take advantage of this special pricing on a set of Racing Beat suspension springs and sway bars.

Start with a set of Racing Beat performance springs. Designed by Jim Mederer, Racing Beat s co-founder and chief engineer, to offer improved handling with a modest 3/4-inch (front " PN 14024) and a 1.5-inch (rear " PN 14025) drop in ride height, with only a 7% spring rate increase.

Perfect for street or autocross applications, these springs will interchange exactly with the stock springs.

Next, add a set of precision sway bars. These sway bars are designed to reduce chassis-roll in turns and increase the RX-7 s sensitivity to steering input, thereby improving maximum cornering power.

Improve the handling of your RX-7 with a 1.25-inch front solid sway bar (PN 14107). Each front sway bar is supplied with reinforced heavy duty mounting bracket and replacement urethane bushings. The stock connecting links are retained to ease installation.

The matched rear bar (PN 14106) is equipped with two mounting hole positions to allow you to fine-tune the handling of your RX-7. The rear bar comes complete with all mounting hardware, bushings, and instructions. Need new shocks? If you are considering replacing your tired old shocks, now is the perfect time. With the springs off your car, add a set of adjustable KONI or Tokico shocks and breathe new life back into your car s handling performance.

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I should thank you. The parts ordered have greatly enhanced my MX-5 and they were received well before I could have reasonably expected them. I'm an enthusiastic new customer. Regards, John

-- John W.

After reading many other positive reviews on both the GWR and Miata forums I finally decided to buy this product. My main concern for many months was whether or not I was up to the task of installing the header. But with the excellent instructions on Brian's forum as well as several Miata forum threads it turned out easier than I expected. After receiving notice that the header would arrive on a Friday afternoon, I began the disassembly process. After about 3 hours I had the stock manifold out. Later that afternoon the new catted header arrived right on schedule. And it is a thing of beauty. I opted for the stainless version. Installation on Saturday morning took another 3 hours, although I could have shaved some time off of that but I was actually enjoying the process of double checking torque values and cleaning up my engine compartment. I already have the GWR catted midpipe, so that connection was a snap. I put everything back together, reconnected my battery, and went for a drive. NO CODES! Nice throaty sound with my RSII muffler, and a significant boost in power and low/mid torque. Another happy camper here. I since have added a M-E tune and I feel I have realized all of the gains that Brian has achieved on his 2012 project Miata. I've put several hundred miles on my Miata since the install with zero problems. This is the car that Mazda should have built all along. Thanks Brian.

-- Ron P.