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Racing Beat RX8 Aluminum Flywheel and Counterweight


RX8 2004-2011 · Clutch-Flywheel-Drivetrain

Part Number: 15R-1003

Application: 2004-2011

Price: $561.00


Racing Beat RX8 Aluminum Flywheel and Counterweight
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From street to road racing, the Racing Beat Aluminum Flywheel is ideally suited for a wide range of performance applications. This lightweight aluminum unit reduces the flywheel weight about 29 percent from the original, and reduces the flywheel inertia. Includes BOTH the flywheel AND the counterweight.

The kit Aluminum Flywheel Kit includes the correct Mazda rear balance weight and all the hardware necessary for installation.

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Roadstersport II was a great purchase, easy install, and sounds great.

-- Denny

I received great help from Good-Win on choosing these wheels and tires and the cost + shipping was very nice, but the help you get here is worth any cost.

-- Bob H.