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Autopower SOLO I RACE Rollbar


Miata 1990-2005 · Roll-Bars · Autopower

Part Number: 30-1038

Application: 1990-2005

Price: $504.00


Autopower SOLO I RACE Rollbar
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This is the MOST SERIOUS of the race bars we sell after the full cage. A full 2 inches taller, with diagonal and harness cross bar. It is a basic and effective roll bar that is SOLO I legal. Manufactured from heavy gauge steel. Painted in gloss black, but may need refinishing (Autopower puts on just a basic black spray job).

Not for use with Robbins glass window tops. Tonneau and top boot covers require modification for fitment. May require refinishing because Autopower is concerned about safety...not finish quality. Note that the harddog SFI rated pads also fit this bar.

Shipping on this autopower bar is TRUCK shipping COD!!! This is the ONLY bar we sell that is so big it must go truck shipping. That means the store may only charge you $5 shipping but we will refund whatever the store charges for shipping and YOU WILL PAY THE TRUCKING COMPANY DIRECTLY FOR THE SHIPPING costs which are usually between $100 and $150 depending on your location.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: that tallness comes with a downside. Look at your Miata with the soft top up! The rear curve of the roof is what all the rollbar makers are stuck with. So, to make the taller bars MUST be more forward to still fit under the soft top (and that effectively limits travel because while the seat actually goes under this tall bar your head may not if you are tall). The shorter bars like Autopower's street bar can sit further back and still fit the roof line.

This autopower Race bar is the tallest bar we sell and barely fits under the soft top...will NOT fit under hardtop. It is so tall that it is the only bar we sell that cannot go UPS...must go truck shipping!

Want to see a picture of it installed? See the wheel gallery in our forum and look at the "konig helium" section for the green Miata with race numbers...that is this bar installed and you can see it is as tall as the windshield. WELDED IN HARNESS BAR us for option of making harness bar a bolt in rather than welded in at the factory.

Note this bar is made to order so please allow time for fabrication, painting, etc.

*** Product images may differ from actual product appearance ***


I received the Roadstersport II, and I wanted to compliment you guys on an awesome product. The Miata should have these on from the factory. They make a great sound, that is not obnoxious at all. The exhaust also installed seamlessly!!! I will buy all of my Miata stuff from you in the future. Thanks,

-- Nate

Thanks for making this work and providing great customer service! I had a full weekend with the install, but man was it worth it. The flywheel was such a good choice. I can't believe how much easier rev-matching down shifts are. The ACT is surprisingly easy to live with, even with the engagement point very low. I'll tackle that when it stops raining. Thanks again for making this happen this weekend.

-- Brian H