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Autopower Rollbar


Miata 1990-2005 · Roll-Bars · Autopower

Part Number: 30-1041

Application: 1990-2005

Price: $405.00


Autopower Rollbar
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Selecting a Miata roll bar means consideration of numerous factors including ease of use and ease of installation.

This is the bar we ran many years ago in our own 99 Miata track car. It is a basic and effective Miata roll bar. It is the cleanest and fastest install of any of the Miata rollbars that we sell...our installer charges less to install this Miata rollbar as any other Miata rollbar we sell.

Made to Order an manufactured from heavy gauge steel. Painted in gloss black, but may need refinishing (Autopower puts on just a basic black spray job--no returns for bad paint!).

Not for use with Robbins glass window tops. Miata Tonneau and OEM Miata top boot covers require modification for fitment. Note that the Miata harddog SFI rated molded pads also fit this Miata roll bar. Actual shipping on this bar applies (unlike the other Miata bars we sell which have flat shipping rates...the actual shipping rate is usually a few dollars less than the flat rates depending on your location).

NOTE: as noted above this bar may need refinishing on arrival because Autopower views these as safety devices and has little concern for paint finish the black spray paint is very basic and may be expected to arrive with scratches! If you want it pretty will need to refinish or consider one of our other brands (our BossFrog bars have a wonderful finish quality...but cost more).

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: For a good set of install instructions Google search "San Diego Miata Club Autopower Roll Bar Installation".

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The Konig Lightspeeds are incredible. Perfect and the best price in the market. Thanks Chris and Robbie


I think that Brian Goodwin is the perfect example of what is good about the aftermarket industry. He is one of the few vendors that actually cares about his customers. He is the example that all companies should be trying to emulate when it comes to customer service. Not to mention his ingenuity and desire to improve on what is already a great car. I have never had a "bad" experience with Good-win-racing. Well, except for the constant temptation to SPEND MORE MONEY.

-- Sandor