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Mazda3 Sway Bar Front Upgraded Endlinks (Pair) NON-turbo.


Mazda3 2004-2018 · Suspension

Part Number: 60-1154b

Application: 2003-2009

Price: $55.95


Mazda3 Sway Bar Front Upgraded Endlinks (Pair)  NON-turbo.
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The addition of a larger aftermarket sway bar onto your Mazda3 can increase the stress loads on the original OEM sway bar endlinks. To combat these increased loads, Racing Beat designed a set of OEM style aftermarket endlinks to absorb the increased demands of a larger front sway bar. Incorporated into the design of these upgraded Mazda3 endlinks are larger 12mm mounting studs and matching retaining nuts. The sealed bearing is self-lubricating to offer many miles of maintenance free driving.

These endlinks are intended for street and autocross applications and are highly recommended for use with the Racing Beat bar. Although these upgraded Mazda3 endlinks can be used with the stock sway bar, we believe that the original links are adequately suited for use with the stock bar.

Due to the larger diameter studs provided on the Racing Beat Mazda3 endlinks, both the sway bar ends and the holes on the shock mounting flange must be enlarged to accept the endlink mounting studs. Provided in the endlink kit is the appropriate sized drill bit and a drilling guide to accomplish this task. Also included are detailed instructions complete with drilling suggestions and torque specifications for your Mazda3.

Note: The reason that the RB Mazda3 sway bar is provided with a 10mm hole is to allow use of the stock OEM endlinks. If supplied with a larger 12mm hole, then it would become mandatory to use the aftermarket links. Although the use of the RB Endlink Kit requires minor modifications, the rather cheap "insurance" offered by the installation of this kit is well worth the modest installation effort.

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Hello Brian, the swaybar and endlinks came in today. I am very pleased with the packaging and it arrived on time. Also thank you for excellent customer service and correcting my order no-hassle. I will definitely be ordering from Good-Win Racing again.

-- - Christopher

You guys are great! The new suspension is in and the ride is much improved. Thanks for the great service.

-- Chuck