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Oil Temperature and Pressure Sensor Adapter


RX8 2004-2011 · Engine

Part Number: 60-1233

Application: 04-08

Price: $69.00


Oil Temperature and Pressure Sensor Adapter
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Oil Pressure and Temperature Sensor Adapter for RX-8 for 2004-2008 RX-8 engines. The Oil Pressure and Temperature Sensor Adapter unit allows for easy installation of sender units for most popular gauges (1/8-inch female pipe for oil pressure and 3/8-inch female pipe for oil temperature). The machined-aluminum adapter will accommodate either mechanical or electrical senders. The adapter mounts immediately below the oil filter assembly and includes a mounting O-ring and detailed installation instructions.

Easily installs by simply removing the oil filter! Gauges, senders, and adapter nuts are not included.

Are you aware that the gauge that appears on the dash of your RX-8 is not actually a functional gauge? Have you ever seen it move? Not only have we discovered that this is a non-operational gauge, but there isn't even an oil pressure sensor on the engine! Nope, the gauge will never move from the position that you see. (There is a functioning oil level sensor and dash light.)

Remedy this with the installation of your own gauge(s) in your RX-8. Racing Beat is currently developing a 3-gauge panel insert for the RX-8. Since we believe that oil pressure, oil and water temperature, are critical functions to monitor, we recommend the installation of these specific gauges.

To aid in the installation of these gauges, Racing Beat hase designed sensor adaptors unit to facilitate this process. The Racing Beat panel insert will be positioned in the recess directly beneath the ventilation control panel. To monitor water temperature in your RX-8, also see our Water Temperature Sensor Adapter unit.

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You guys are great! The new suspension is in and the ride is much improved. Thanks for the great service.

-- Chuck

Just wanted to thank you guys for the great stuff and great work done on my MX5 club yesterday. I could feel the difference in sound and performance right away! It drives and corners awesome now. Can't wait to tell my friends about you guys. I'll be keeping an eye on your web site for other goodies and events as well. Can't wait to try my new suspension out on a auto cross. Will definitely be trying it on some twisty roads this weekend. Just can't wipe that smile off my face when driving this car. Thanks again guys!

-- Paul Young