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Miata 1990-2005 · Roll-Bars · Boss Frog

Part Number: 60-1307

Application: 1990-2005

No Longer Available
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Boss Frog made the very first Double Hoop Miata rollbar. Others tried to copy the look, but they have never been able to achieve the strength of the Frog's patent pending Miata roll bar. The Boss Frog Double Hoop Miata rollbar is made of the highest quality 1-3/4" x 1/8" wall DOM tubing, with heavy 7 gauge laser cut flat parts. Each rollbar is manufactured in a precision welding fixture to assure the absolute best fit in your car. They utilize TIG welding for all tubing joints, to provide a higher strength but yet smaller weld joint, and the highest quality finished appearance. Competitors do not use TIG welding because it is slower and more expensive.

The Double Hoop Miata rollbar is available in three finishes; Black powdercoat - after manufacturing, the rollbars are shot-blasted to remove any mill scale from the steel, then they go through a 7-step cleaning process, then a 60% gloss powder is electrostatically applied and baked at over 400 degrees to get a hard durable finish. Polished Stainless - high quality 304 stainless tubing and flat parts are hand polished to a shiny finish. Unfinished - the color and finish of the rollbar is completely up to you.

The secret to the Boss Frog Double Hoop's strength is the unique saddle, which straddles the Miata's "hump". In rollover testing per SCCA guidelines, the patent pending saddle design helped to distribute the load to the floor of the Miata. The vehicle frame bent in half from the pressure, but the rollbar was completely intact. The only rollbar to be physically tested for strength and isn t that what you are buying it for? The only rollbar with TIG welded joints allows a much smaller, yet stronger weld for the best possible finish. Absolutely the best craftsmanship and fit available. This Boss Frog STANDARD Double hoop is a universal design model that fits all years, including glass windows, hardtops, etc. Best installation instructions available anywhere!

Retail FLAT RATE shipping of $65 within USA lower 48 states applies to these rollbars and they ship factory direct to you. Although our store will charge shipping we will correct the order to the flat rate of $65. Picture shows optional double hoop padding on front of the bar. Padding available elsewhere on this same page.

One question commonly asked is "How do I attach a harness"? One way is to attach a harness is to wrap it directly around the rollbar. The Boss Frog rear vertical brace is within the SCCA rule of being 20 degrees from the centerline of the seat. This means that harness straps can be wrapped directly around the vertical brace, just below the diagonal brace. And the best choice is the BossFrog Bolt In Harness Bar

Image Below Shows closeup views of the THREE choices of finish with the BossFrog Bars. Top is standard black, middle is SILVER, and bottom choice is polished Stainless Steel.

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I red'all the parts in the order I placed and installed them in my car yesterday. I am beyond happy. The install went without a hitch. The results were fantastic. The new brakes track straight, make no noise, and stop the car authoritatively. The new rotors look pretty cool, which we all know isn't all that important, but having 6 women offer to bear your children, because your car looks SO cool is a good problem to have. Thank for great products and service.

-- Chaz C.

I think that Brian Goodwin is the perfect example of what is good about the aftermarket industry. He is one of the few vendors that actually cares about his customers. He is the example that all companies should be trying to emulate when it comes to customer service. Not to mention his ingenuity and desire to improve on what is already a great car. I have never had a "bad" experience with Good-win-racing. Well, except for the constant temptation to SPEND MORE MONEY.

-- Sandor