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Racing Beat MX5 Miata Intake RALLY RED


Miata MX5 2006-2015 · Intakes

Part Number: 60-1348R

Application: 2006-2015

Reg. Price: $350.00

Sale Price: $333.90


Racing Beat MX5 Miata Intake RALLY RED
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This Miata intake for 2006 and newer MX5 Miatas is made by Racing Beat. Fits BOTH Manual and Auto transmission. Racing Beat calls this MX5 Miata intake their Cold Force Intake because it is designed to utilize the full benefit of a cold air ram effect. The Cold Force Intake System forces pressurized cooler ambient air to enter the Miata intake system.

Each CF High Flow system includes:
* A machined-aluminum mass air follow sensor housing
*Power-coated intake tube
* High density plastic ram air duct
* A genuine, custom-engineered KandN air filter element
* Complete mounting hardware
* Fully detailed installation instructions

The high-density ram air inlet duct is securely housed behind the front bumper and is positioned to draw forced-air through the MX-5 Miata main grill opening. Housed firmly inside the ram air inlet duct is a full-length KandN filter element, which attaches to the sturdy intake tube to direct air to the mass airflow senor. The passageway through which the intake tube enters the engine compartment is tightly sealed with a triple-wall neoprene foam gasket. The machined-aluminum MAF housing positions the critical MAF sensor precisely in the airflow path for accurate monitoring.

Like all Racing Beat intake systems, we include a large conical genuine KaandN air filter element with the Cold Force Intake System. All KandN filters can be cleaned and reused almost indefinitely with the KandN Filtercharger Kit, available separately. Each Cold Force Miata Intake kit comes complete with all required mounting hardware and can be installed by the week-end mechanic, using only simple hand tools. Fully detailed and illustrated installation instructions are included to guide you step-by-step through the installation process. If you need additional assistance with the installation, just give us a call and we will be happy to assist you! The Racing Beat MX5 Miata Cold Force Intake System is backed by a 1-Year Limited Warranty. NOT yet CARB Legal.

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The Konig Lightspeeds are incredible. Perfect and the best price in the market. Thanks Chris and Robbie


Brian, just wanted tyou to know you've got another highly satisfied customer. I got my RoadstersportIII muffler on Friday, installed it in 20 minutes, looks and sounds awesome. I like the baffles out!! My new tires/wheels came Saturday, just got them on and test drove them. Fantastic!! And how they look--- just what I was after. I will add the front "mud flap" that looks like the rear one, for some stone protection, but the offset was just what I was working for. I'd love to send you some pictures for your photo gallery. If you'll send an adress via e-mail, I'll send some high-res photos showing clearances and side profiles, etc. The graphite spokes and polished rims really set well on my black car. Thanks again, me and my wallet will be back!!

-- Ken