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EXEDY RACING Stage 1 Heavy Duty RX7 Turbo II Clutch Kit


RX7 1979-1995 · Clutch-Flywheel-Drivetrain

Part Number: 61-0124RX7

Application: 1987-1991

Reg. Price: $456.19

Sale Price: $387.61


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EXEDY RACING Stage 1 Heavy Duty RX7 Turbo II Clutch Kit
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The EXEDY Complete Clutch Kit Stage 1 HD (Heavy Duty) for the 1987-91 RX-7 Turbo II and the 2004-11 RX-8 (EXEDY 10803AHD) is recommended for Street or Autocross use on higher horsepower applications. Perfect RX7 Street or Autocross clutch, excellent for daily-driven RX7. Exedy/Daikin Clutch is one of the largest suppliers of both stock OEM and performance aftermarket clutch components.

This complete RX8 Exedy Stage 1 clutch kit includes a sprung hub, organic compound disc (226 mm OD), upgraded pressure plate (1895 clamp load), replacement throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and a clutch installation alignment tool.

This complete RX7 Clutch kit is ideally suited for street or modified RX-7s, and the drivability of the organic material disc are similar to the stock RX7 clutch. Increased pressure plate clamping loads provide the necessary capacity to handle the performance demands of modified RX7 engines and spirited RX7 driving. Although pedal loads will be slightly higher because of the increased clamping load, this kit is well suited for use on a daily-driven RX7. All Exedy discs feature a sprung-hub center to reduce drive train shock and to ease clutch engagement.

This is a complete kit at a great price! If you are considering replacing your clutch assembly with an aftermarket kit, the Exedy components offer a super combination of performance and value. Exedy uses a more conservative duty cycle rating than other choices and this Heavy Duty unit is still rated to handle torque up to 237 Ft/lbs which will cover most lower boost turbo kits.

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Last week I spoke to Brian, I ordered a aluminum Koyo 37mm radiator for 97 Miata. Brian, you run a first class show! It arrived the next day. It is a fully polished work of art. The welding is perfect. The fit is perfect, old radiator slipped right out, new one slipped right in. Perfect. I am very pleased. Thank you.

-- Allan R.

I have to say that your website is one of the cleanest, most functional and easy to use. There are a lot of independent part sellers that have horrible websites and it was a joy to use yours and even explore the customer car gallery and the good win build page. Thank you for a great experience.

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