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Cat Back Exhaust System


RX7 1979-1995 · Exhaust

Part Number: 61-0242

Application: 1986-1992

Price: $649.95


Cat Back Exhaust System
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1986-92 Non-turbo Street Exhaust System.

This street legal, cat-back exhaust system is the perfect replacement for your RX-7 - a durable assembly offering a real horsepower gain for your stock unit.

Our RX7 exhaust system consists of a Racing Beat Y-pipe and two 2-inch (OD) 304-stainless steel Power Pulse muffler canisters. The replacement Y-pipe is manufactured using 2.5-inch (OD) tubing, splitting off into a pair of 2-inch (OD) tubes feeding the muffler canisters. (This Y-pipe can be used as a direct replacement for the factory Y- pipe.) Both muffler canisters are finished with a 3-inch, polished 304 stainless tips for an aggressive look.

Careful consideration was given to the correct placement of each muffler canister with regards to the opening in the rear bumper. The muffler canister was placed under the rear bumper in order to present a more integrated look.

Unlike many aftermarket RX7 exhaust systems that use a simple universal muffler, the Racing Beat RX7 exhaust system utilizes a rotary engine designed muffler that has been specifically designed for the 1986-92 RX-7 application. Performance tests on a Dyno Jet chassis dyno have shown a 5-7 HP gain over the stock RX7 Exhaust.

This bolt-on RX7 Exhaust uses the stock mounting points for ease of installation. Each RX7 exhaust is supplied with all necessary mounting hardware and gaskets. These components are also available separately.

Replacement Rubber Exhaust Hangers We recommend the replacement of the original rubber exhaust hangers during the installation of any new exhaust component. It is our experience that over time the original rubber hangers can deteriorate, crack, and fail; which can result in the incorrect alignment of the RX7 exhaust system. We offer replacement exhaust hangers for all models of 1986-92 RX-7 s. Review the Exhaust Hanger Chart for details on the exact components that are required for your exhaust system.

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Hi Brian, I just bought a heatshield and a cruise control relocation bracket for my '95 Miata from you. It is in the mail now. Thanks for such fast service. (My cruise is just wrapped up in a microfiber shoprag at this time!)

-- Bob

First I want to again thank you for working with me on this muffler. I have almost 100 miles on it now, and it has a nice mellow sound. a little Bass, but not too much. A little louder than stock, but not too loud. Plus it is nice inside the car with the top up. I am happy so far I bought this one.

I belong to a local Miata club, and am very active with it. When Spring comes I will tell everyone how much I like the muffler, and how great you are to work with. Maybe I can get some extra business for you.

-- Bill