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Custom Driver's Side Miata Seat Rail for RACE SEATS.


Miata 1990-2005 · Interior

Part Number: 61-0555

Application: 1990-2005

Price: $99.00


Custom Driver's Side Miata Seat Rail for RACE SEATS.
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Custom made to match the holes in the floor of your NA/NB Miata which mount your factory seat. This bracket gives you a solid and strong base that bolts in to the Miata seat mount holes for you to work off of to fit the seat of your choice. Comes pre-driled for a common hole layout. HOWEVER, most universal aftermarket seats do not simply bolt on to this bracket. You should expect that you may need to drill new holes, weld on additional tabs, etc. based on the mounting needs of the specific seat and position you need. Ships in bare steel so you can easily modify the bracket as needed and paint it when you're done. Includes hardware for use with SPARCO mounts.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: In case it is not obvious from the photo above, the item is sent bare steel so that you have the option of welding to it. That means it may get a petina of rust in transit and you should expect to clean it up with a little steel wool on arrival in preparation for a quick coat of spray paint before installation. Typical options that customers weld to the rail are eyes for harness clip in. Many drivers use these with a combination of the following: Sparco seats, Sparco side mounts, and Sparco sliders. However, for most people we recommend skipping the sliders because head room is at a premium in these cars and the slider makes the seat sit higher than without it.

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Good morning Brian, I finally got a chance to put the exhaust on, great advice, it's just loud enough, solid product. I'm running without the baffles, sounds great in power band. Take care, you have all my future upgrade business.........regards.

-- John S.

I received great help from Good-Win on choosing these wheels and tires and the cost + shipping was very nice, but the help you get here is worth any cost.

-- Bob H.