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Eibach Pro-Kit Mazda 2 Springs


Mazda2 2011-2017 · Suspension

Part Number: 61-0900

Application: 2011-2014

Price: $241.00


Eibach Pro-Kit Mazda 2 Springs
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Enhanced Handling and Performance with Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs!!! Eibach Pro-Kit Performance Lowering Springs are ideal for most street driven Mazda 2s. The progressive rate Eibach springs dramatically improve performance, handling and your cars appearance. By lowering the Mazda 2's center of gravity, rear end squatting during acceleration, body roll while cornering and nose-diving while braking are greatly reduced or eliminated. Eibach Pro-kits also reduce excessive fender-well clearance for an aggressive good look.

High Performance Handling with custom fit Mazda 2 Eibach Springs
Springs drop Mazda 2 in front and rear (see specs below for approx. amount)
Lowers center of gravity which decreases rear end squatting during acceleration, roll in corners and excessive nose-dive when braking
Pro-Kit Adds aggressive good looks to your Mazda 2
Reduces excessive fender-well clearance
Progressive spring design gives excellent ride quality
Backed by Eibach's Pro-Kit Million Mile Warranty

Front w/1.2 in. Drop And Rear w/1.2 in. Drop.

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Just wanted to thank you guys for the great stuff and great work done on my MX5 club yesterday. I could feel the difference in sound and performance right away! It drives and corners awesome now. Can't wait to tell my friends about you guys. I'll be keeping an eye on your web site for other goodies and events as well. Can't wait to try my new suspension out on a auto cross. Will definitely be trying it on some twisty roads this weekend. Just can't wipe that smile off my face when driving this car. Thanks again guys!

-- Paul Young

I think that Brian Goodwin is the perfect example of what is good about the aftermarket industry. He is one of the few vendors that actually cares about his customers. He is the example that all companies should be trying to emulate when it comes to customer service. Not to mention his ingenuity and desire to improve on what is already a great car. I have never had a "bad" experience with Good-win-racing. Well, except for the constant temptation to SPEND MORE MONEY.

-- Sandor