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Enthuza NC THREE INCH TURBO Midpipe- Stainless Steel WITH resonator


Miata MX5 2006-2015 · Exhaust

Part Number: 61-1086a

Application: 2006-2015

Price: $455.00


Enthuza NC THREE INCH TURBO Midpipe- Stainless Steel WITH resonator
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We are offering two versions of this TURBO midpipe. This is the model INCLUDING resonator. **Designed for race use only, not legal for street and/or highway driving in California.**

A direct replacement for factory equipment, this tig welded system is designed to increase flow and decreased restriction for improved boost response and quicker spool. This is a replacement for the restrictive factory midpipe. Fits NC cars. THREE INCH mandrel bent tubing to provide a increase in boost response and quicker turbo spool. This midpipe is available with a ultra high flow metal core cat for lowest possible restriction. Fits all factory cross-frame bracing. A resonator is included for those looking for "stealthly" turbo set-up.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: Three inch is for TURBO powered cars only, don't put this on your normally aspirated street car unless a complete lack of torque is your goal.

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I absolutely love my Roadster Sport headers, mid pipe and Q muffler. I have owned a lot of cars over the years and the quality of your product is truly exceptional. The ability to tune the Super Q is very much appreciated.

-- Tony G.

You guys are great! The new suspension is in and the ride is much improved. Thanks for the great service.

-- Chuck