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M-Tuned Coolant Re-Route
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Maximum cooling for your track Miata!

Miata 1990-2005 · Radiators-Cooling · Hoses and Belts

Part Number: 61-1736

Application: 1994-2005

Price: $335.00

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M-Tuned Coolant Re-Route
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If you are serious about taking your Miata to the track, performing a coolant re-route is a critical modification. From the factory, Mazda moved the thermostat from it's original location (back of the head) to the front of the engine for ease of service. As a result the rear most cylinder (#4) becomes starved for coolant and over time wears the rings out prematurely. Thankfully, the folks at M-Tuned created their comprehensive coolant re-route kit to solve this problem and returned coolant flow to it's intended path.

What's included:

*High Quality Silicone Radiator Hose
*Optional Stainless Steel Coil Reinforcement
*CNC Aluminum Remote Thermostat Housing
*CNC Aluminum Re-route Adapter - Pre drilled and tapped for OEM coolant sensors, heater core adapter and optional aftermarket gauges.
*Front Water Neck Block Off Plate
*195* Thermostat
*Includes all necessary hardware, gaskets and hose clamps for installation

Fitment Notes:

Unlike other re-route kits, the M-Tuned Coolant Re-Route is compatible with EGR and offers a remote thermostat for easy servicing. 1.6 engines can adapt this kit but lose the ability to have their fans triggered by the sensor in the water neck, thus requiring either manual fan switches or using an aftermarket ECU which can control the fans.

During 2001 Mazda made minor modifications to the head gasket to improve coolant flow but did not solve the problem entirely. Customers with the 2001-2005 engine can still benefit from using the coolant re-route, however, for best results we recommend combining this kit with the head gasket from the 94-00 engine.

Sean's Notes: I've been running a coolant re-route on my car for the past 4 years with great success. If you plan for big power, then there is no other trick in the book to keep your Miata cool at the track.

Ryan's Note: If you track your car and don't have one of these, you've been living under a rock.

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Brian, just wanted tyou to know you've got another highly satisfied customer. I got my RoadstersportIII muffler on Friday, installed it in 20 minutes, looks and sounds awesome. I like the baffles out!! My new tires/wheels came Saturday, just got them on and test drove them. Fantastic!! And how they look--- just what I was after. I will add the front "mud flap" that looks like the rear one, for some stone protection, but the offset was just what I was working for. I'd love to send you some pictures for your photo gallery. If you'll send an adress via e-mail, I'll send some high-res photos showing clearances and side profiles, etc. The graphite spokes and polished rims really set well on my black car. Thanks again, me and my wallet will be back!!

-- Ken

I should thank you. The parts ordered have greatly enhanced my MX-5 and they were received well before I could have reasonably expected them. I'm an enthusiastic new customer. Regards, John

-- John W.