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Good-Win Racing's Extreme MX5 2.3 Turbo Project

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Good-Win Racing's Extreme MX5 2.3 Turbo Project
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Our loss is your gain, a project we started and did not quite finish. In brief, Mazda brought over a 'body in white' bare shell and built it into a drift car at a cost of $100,000. No expense was spared including carbon doors and one-piece complete carbon front end. The shell was stitch welded on rotisserie so that it is MANY times stiffer than normal MX5, you will NEVER find an NC MX5 shell this stiff yet this light (no undercoating ever applied, etc). Also included Cosworth built 20k billet crank 300+ hp normally aspirated dry sump 14 to 1 compression motor (8 quart oil sump is in the trunk). All suspension points have added gussets and then cage was added and entire shell powder coated for result that is the most stiff MX5 shell ever made. Many expensive extras include Wilwood pro pedal set, Motec M400 ECU, AIM full digital dash, new Ohlins coilovers installed, and on and on. When we acquired this car the plan was to make it an XP racer. Original 2.3 motor too loud to race that class so we had Cosworth make us another 20k 2.3 motor but this time lower compression for turbo. Turbo is complete BEGI kit. Ran into issue that available manifold from BEGI could not support enough turbo to exceed 270 HP on the dyno on pump gas, so we waited for new BEGI manifold for bigger turbo. And we waited....and we waited. Over a year before the manifold came available and by that time we had moved on to many other projects and never got back to this one....and now we need the space! We did convert to E85 and made it to 370 hp! Essentially brand new motor, didn't get the chance to race it. Deal of the century, price doesn't even come close to covering the two motors, build a CRAZY fast track/autocross MX5 for less than you could buy even a fraction of the parts included here! Also includes the original 2.3 liter high compression addition to the turbo Cosworth Dry Sump motor currently installed in this ultimate Miata! So you have TWO motors, pro built chassis with full cage installed before being powder coated, AIM dash, dry sump motor installed, oil cooler, blue printed 6 speed trans, Ohlins coilovers and on an on...for about 10% of what was invested in this Miata. Note because built up from body in white it NEVER had a VIN, it's a racecar!

See thread in our forum for MANY more pics and details on custom rear end and more.

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As you can see, i placed another order for more parts for my car. I wanted you to know that I'm pleased at how quickly the wheels/tires came, and the radiator too. Great service and response time.

-- Jeff D.

I absolutely love my Roadster Sport headers, mid pipe and Q muffler. I have owned a lot of cars over the years and the quality of your product is truly exceptional. The ability to tune the Super Q is very much appreciated.

-- Tony G.