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Singular Motorsports Aero Wing


Miata 1990-2005 · Exterior · Aerodynamics

Part Number: 61-1825

Application: 1990-2005

Price: $1,599.00


Singular Motorsports Aero Wing
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Aero Rear Wing Kit for the 1990-2005 Miata. This is a full kit with everything needed for installation down to the nuts and bolts and every element designed for best efficiency.

Wings are made to order, please allow 7-14 business days for build time.

- Rigid chassis-mount design
- Wide angle adjustment range: -5 to +15
- Suitable for 120whp in low-drag settings up to 350+ whp (capable of 500+ lbs of downforce @ 120mph)
- Every element designed to minimize drag. This makes it suitable for even low-power cars.
- Retains full trunk function
- Optimized wing position: level with roof height / 5" behind rear bumper

Comprehensive kit includes:
- 64" wide APR GT250 carbon fiber wing
- Integrated carbon fiber gurney flap on wing
- Singular high-efficiency Endplates
- Singular low-drag uprights
- Delrin CNC-cut mounting shims
- Metric class 10.9 hardware

The GT250 is APR s low-drag airfoil, with an excellent lift/drag ratio, and lightweight pre-preg carbon fiber construction. Integrated carbon fiber gurney flap is included. This wing has already proven itself at a high level, but until now has always required entirely custom work to mount. These are built by APR to Singular's dimensional specs, with custom mount spacing and a width of 64", the maximum allowed by NASA (max width of the car). The wing is finished with a UV-stable clear coat.

Over the past two years Singular Motorsports has done a lot of testing with dramatically increasing the efficiency of the wing (more downforce with less drag) with optimized endplates. Naturally, this kit includes endplates that incorporate all that has been learned, with 10" vertical height for "zero points" in NASA.

The main uprights are 6061 aluminum solid units for strength and low drag. Powdercoated in a signature "chrome" finish. Adjusting the angle of attack of the wing is done via a series of holes for the front two bolts which creates less drag than a turnbuckle adjuster. Available range: -5 to +15

The uprights join to the body in the rain rail of the trunk. This is a rigid part of the chassis which transfers the wing s force directly to the chassis rather than onto the flexible trunk lid. This also eliminates the large mounting "foot" that is usually needed on top of the trunk lid, resulting in super smooth airflow over the trunk and under the wing. You simply drill the mounting holes for the bolts and trim the edge of the trunk lid to clear the mounts.

*Once the trunk lid is trimmed, the trunk is completely functional, and the trunk lid can open fully on its hinges*

Wing position
The higher and further back the wing is placed, the "cleaner" the airflow to it, and the better it performs. The uprights are back-swept dramatically to achieve wing positioning similar to what is usually only possible with rear frame rail mounting solutions, but with less weight/complexity and more rigidity. The rear of the airfoil is 5" behind the rear-most point of the bumper. Airfoil height is optimized for most competition classes - just a hair below the highest point of the hardtop.

Delrin shims
This ideal mount location usually creates difficulties because the sides of the trunk sit at an angle, which makes mounting a wing s upright to them require multiple bends. Included in the kit are a pair of small CNC-cut shims to solve all of this. This 3D shim corrects all the funky angles of the trunk edge to give the uprights a solid and vertical mounting surface. Delrin is self-lubricating for a noise-free assembly. The angle corrections in the shims are an average between the NA and NB, so that the same shims and corresponding bends in the uprights work for all 1990-2005 Miatas.

Every nut and bolt needed for install included. All hardware is metric class 10.9, with corrosion resistant coatings or stainless steel used throughout.

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After reading many other positive reviews on both the GWR and Miata forums I finally decided to buy this product. My main concern for many months was whether or not I was up to the task of installing the header. But with the excellent instructions on Brian's forum as well as several Miata forum threads it turned out easier than I expected. After receiving notice that the header would arrive on a Friday afternoon, I began the disassembly process. After about 3 hours I had the stock manifold out. Later that afternoon the new catted header arrived right on schedule. And it is a thing of beauty. I opted for the stainless version. Installation on Saturday morning took another 3 hours, although I could have shaved some time off of that but I was actually enjoying the process of double checking torque values and cleaning up my engine compartment. I already have the GWR catted midpipe, so that connection was a snap. I put everything back together, reconnected my battery, and went for a drive. NO CODES! Nice throaty sound with my RSII muffler, and a significant boost in power and low/mid torque. Another happy camper here. I since have added a M-E tune and I feel I have realized all of the gains that Brian has achieved on his 2012 project Miata. I've put several hundred miles on my Miata since the install with zero problems. This is the car that Mazda should have built all along. Thanks Brian.

-- Ron P.

I just installed the Borla exhaust on the MX5. Sweeeeeeet! Thanks, Andy