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Extended Travel Rear Shock Mounts


More Travel Equals Better Ride And Handling.

Miata 1990-2005 · Suspension · Shocks

Part Number: 61-1842

Application: 1999-2005

Price: $75.00


Extended Travel Rear Shock Mounts
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Improve ride quality by getting your rear suspension off the stops! These extended travel top hats add almost 1" of travel compared with an NB top. Adding more free shock travel before contact with the bumpstops significantly improves ride and handling. Uses a rubber bushing for a noise-free ride. Compatible with all of our bumpstop offerings.

Price is for ONE shock mount.

With the suspension design of the NA and NB Miata, suspension travel is at a premium, and having enough travel is crucial to good handling and ride quality. As you lower the car, that travel is further reduced, so there is less and less room for the suspension to move before it slams the bumpstops. Folks often think high spring rates are to blame for harsh ride when they lower the Miata a lot with our Ground Control kits but lack of travel and slamming the bumpstops is the real issue. This is particularly a problem in the rear of the Miata and as a driver you are essentially sitting on the rear shock that is just inches behind your back.

The widely popular combos of running an adjustable sleeve and race spring to lower the car on shocks like the Konis, Bilsteins, KYB, etc. all suffer from almost no rear suspension travel on a lowered Miata, even with our short bumpstops.

The additional one inch of travel doesn't sound like much but when every millimeter helps, that is quite a lot.

Fitment Notes:

Fits on most aftermarket shocks for the 1999-2005 Miata including Koni, KYB, Bilstein and Tokico.
These also fit the 1990-1997 Miatas but you MUST use the shocks for the 1999-2005 years to use these top hats (due to length of the threaded shaft).
YES these fit NA/NB Ohlins coilovers - add these to the Ohlins for the BEST riding setup possible!

These are NOT compatible with 949 Racing Xida coilovers.

Fits factory springs, standard-diameter lowering springs, and 2.5" springs as used in the Ground Control coilover conversion kits.

Recommended for the rear only. Using extended travel top hats in the front can allow the tire to contact the inner wheel well.

COLOR: Note the color has been updated. These are now anodized in a bronze/brown. No longer available in green.

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RE: RoadsterSport Stainless MX5 Miata Midpipe Part# 60-1328: I love the mid-pipe!! Not only is it beautiful, but it makes the sounds coming out of the 'race single' exhaust even better. The two go well together, and it mellows the decel drone a lot. I'm very happy with my purchase.

-- Pat R.

You guys are great! The new suspension is in and the ride is much improved. Thanks for the great service.

-- Chuck