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RoadsterSport Ultra Light Battery MOUNTING KIT


Saves 23.4 pounds!

Miata MX5 2016-2017 · Engine

Part Number: 61-1950

Application: 2016-2017

Price: $75.00


RoadsterSport Ultra Light Battery MOUNTING KIT
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Yes, we have seen what they are doing in Japan, charging as much for the mount as the battery costs, and all for only 200 Cold Cranking Amps. We think you should be able to park your car for the weekend, even a holiday THREE DAY weekend, and still have it start the next week! Thus, we are going a bit bigger, without really going any heavier. And why not, you got the space! This is a Battery Tender ultra light LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery (DELTRAN BTL24A360C), and as you can see on the label 360 CCA and the mounting setup and battery together just 3.35 Pounds! We will not be selling the battery, they are available from dozens of places on Ebay and Amazon. We will be selling just the aluminum mounting kit. This is for RACERS ONLY, we don't see much point for regular street customers, but for SCCA autocross customers we think this will prove the popular setup. Saves 23.4 pounds off the front of the ND!!!

What you get:
- Lightweight aluminum brackets to hold the battery securely in the factory location
- Stainless steel battery cable adapter
- Hardware included

Below is STOCK battery and all hardware that are removed, total 26.7 pounds.

Below is what you add back, total 3.35 pounds, weight savings 23.4 pounds!

- The battery this kit is designed for ships with adhesive-backed foam padding in various thicknesses. Apply the 1/4" thick pads to the battery brackets in five locations; on the two vertical ears on the main base plate, and on the two sides and the top of the straps that hold the battery in place.
- To install the cable adapter on the positive terminal, first unbolt the round battery post connector from the fuse junction on the positive cable and then replace that post connector with the supplied stainless steel adapter using the included 8mm hardware. The adapter attaches the cable to the battery at an angle so that the standard cable length does not need to be changed. See photo at the top of this page for reference. To fit the plastic post cover over the positive terminal again, just trim the side of the cover with a razor blade to clear. The negative cable can be bolted right to the battery without any changes. Again, see photo for reference.

Brian's Extra Notes: So far we have had zero issues with the 360 CCA battery choice used in our ND, but it is very interesting to note that Battery Tender offers a 'bigger' 480 CCA that is in the same size case, the BTL35A480C. Weight climbs from 2.6 for the battery to 3.75 but for those needing more extreme duty an interesting additional choice that works exactly the same in our bracket setup! Note Battery Tender makes a special little charger for these LiPo batteries because an old standard lead acid charger can wreck these lithium batteries.

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Hi Brian, I just bought a heatshield and a cruise control relocation bracket for my '95 Miata from you. It is in the mail now. Thanks for such fast service. (My cruise is just wrapped up in a microfiber shoprag at this time!)

-- Bob

Brian, just wanted tyou to know you've got another highly satisfied customer. I got my RoadstersportIII muffler on Friday, installed it in 20 minutes, looks and sounds awesome. I like the baffles out!! My new tires/wheels came Saturday, just got them on and test drove them. Fantastic!! And how they look--- just what I was after. I will add the front "mud flap" that looks like the rear one, for some stone protection, but the offset was just what I was working for. I'd love to send you some pictures for your photo gallery. If you'll send an adress via e-mail, I'll send some high-res photos showing clearances and side profiles, etc. The graphite spokes and polished rims really set well on my black car. Thanks again, me and my wallet will be back!!

-- Ken