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AP Racing 11.75" Replacement Rotor Ring


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Part Number: 61-2008

Application: 1990-2005

Price: $134.00


AP Racing 11.75" Replacement Rotor Ring
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Price is for ONE rotor. Shipped in matching Left and Right pairs when you order two, unless you request otherwise.

Wearing through the Wilwood-brand rotors quickly? Upgrade your 11.75" Big Brake Kit rotors to ultra-high grade motorsport rotors. These rotors outlast the cheaper aftermarket rotors many times over and offer better consistency and lower temperatures as well.

Direct replacement for the friction rings in any of the popular 11.75" Big Brake Kits on the market for the NA/NB which use the common Wilwood rotors with 8 bolt connection layout. This is for the friction ring ONLY.

Note: ONLY fits 11.75" BBK. Does not fit kits that use a 11" rotor.

The AP Racing J Hook discs are the epitome of endurance racing components. They will hold up extremely well to any abuse you plan to throw at them. These discs have been proven time and again in professional racing, winning many races and even championships (ALMS, Rolex, Grand Am, etc.).

Internal Vane Design and Quality
OEM-style discs and other brands of aftermarket discs often use "pillar" style or straight non-directional vanes which are not well suited to heat evacuation. The curved vanes in AP Racing rotors is optimized to spin in a certain direction, pumping the maximum amount of air possible through the disc and the shape of these internal vanes is also optimized to promote smooth airflow. The result is significantly cooler discs that are less prone to cracking and wear.

Exclusive AP Racing J Hook Slot Pattern
Slots cut in a disc face impact heat transfer. The area around the slot or hole acts as a cool spot when the disc heats up, which is not ideal because ideally heat should be distributed uniformly around the disc. OEM discs avoid this complication by simply leaving the face blank. However, this sacrifices pad bite and the feel of the disc through the brake pedal. Other aftermarket offerings typically have straight slots, which tend to leave cool spots across the disc face between the slots. AP's J Hook design was found through extensive testing to create a constant pathway of evenly distorted material on the face of the disc. The hooks are spaced evenly, with a slight overlap to promote even heat distribution/distortion. In addition to reducing cracking, the even heating of the disc also helps provide an even transfer layer of pad material on the disc when you bed them in. The J Hook slot pattern also produces a greater number of leading edges for the pads to bite into vs. a traditional curved slot pattern, and particularly a plain-faced disc. While this may lead to slightly more whirring or scraping noises from the discs when applying the brakes, the benefits of more even heat distribution, less propensity to crack, cleaner pad material transfer during bed-in, and more bite far outweigh the slight increase in NVH for the serious enthusiast.

Complex Metallurgy Developed Through 50+ Years of Experience
AP Racing has been designing brake components for more than 50 years. Their components have been on cars that have won more than 750 Formula 1 races! On any given race weekend, AP J Hook discs can be found on 75% or more of the NASCAR Sprint Cup grid. AP has learned from these experiences, and have developed a proprietary iron alloy with extreme durability, designed specifically for harsh use.

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First I want to again thank you for working with me on this muffler. I have almost 100 miles on it now, and it has a nice mellow sound. a little Bass, but not too much. A little louder than stock, but not too loud. Plus it is nice inside the car with the top up. I am happy so far I bought this one.

I belong to a local Miata club, and am very active with it. When Spring comes I will tell everyone how much I like the muffler, and how great you are to work with. Maybe I can get some extra business for you.

-- Bill

Wanted to say thanks. The exhaust system fit perfectly, no drone at steady throttle, but a nice sound winding thru the gears. And it does sound a lot like my old Alfa. The Racing Beat lowering springs are just right. Appreciate the tech advice and the service.

-- Todd