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RoadsterSport Fiat 124 HighFlow Crosspipe
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Add FLOW and FUN! - ETA November

Fiat 124 2017 · Exhaust

Part Number: 61-2018

Application: 2017

Price: $369.00

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RoadsterSport Fiat 124 HighFlow Crosspipe
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This is the KEY item to making your turbo come alive! Makes your turbo spool faster and at much lower rpms than stock. Stock crosspipe is terrible, starts at just 2 inches diameter and is pinched down to about 1.7 inches right at the inlet, which keeps your turbo from spooling quickly! Give your turbo a full 2.5 inches of flow all the way and it will make you smile like never before!

Yes, this is a CARB legal 'cat-back' item because it bolts to rear of stock converter.

This is the path to 200 Ft/lbs of Torque per our dyno graphs in our forum Fiat thread!

All POLISHED stainless steel construction and LIFETIME warranty. See our forum pictures showing comparison of restrictive stock crosspipe that crushes down to under 2 inches of flow, versus our clean 2.5 inch diameter highflow replacement.

MUST be used with our RoadsterSport Midpipe, will not install to small inlet of factory midpipe. So, you can work from the back of the car if you want to buy one piece at a time but that means you start with our DUAL or QUAD muffler, then get the Midpipe for a little sound and better flow, and then finish off the system with this Crosspipe.

Install Notes: Note that bracket attached to stock mounting point and the stock mounting point has room for adjustment as needed if you follow it back upward. Connection at midpipe needs to be done with patience, start with studs and then add the springs and then add the retaining nuts. If nuts are jammed onto the stock studs before you start you need to separate those nuts with 13mm wrench, trying to force the studs over the springs and get the threading started with nuts already jammed onto the studs is too hard to do.

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Brian, just wanted tyou to know you've got another highly satisfied customer. I got my RoadstersportIII muffler on Friday, installed it in 20 minutes, looks and sounds awesome. I like the baffles out!! My new tires/wheels came Saturday, just got them on and test drove them. Fantastic!! And how they look--- just what I was after. I will add the front "mud flap" that looks like the rear one, for some stone protection, but the offset was just what I was working for. I'd love to send you some pictures for your photo gallery. If you'll send an adress via e-mail, I'll send some high-res photos showing clearances and side profiles, etc. The graphite spokes and polished rims really set well on my black car. Thanks again, me and my wallet will be back!!

-- Ken

Hi There Good-Win Racing. I just wanted to thank you guys so much for the great customer service and quality parts. My 91 MX-5 is running awesome thanks to the parts I put on it from your website, racing beat sway bars, racing beat endlinks, racing beat muffler, magnaflow catalytic con, shifter parts, and a few more. Thank you so much for making your website so knowledgeable and easy to get all these awesome MX-5 parts. My MX-5 handles, drives, and sounds awesome with all the new parts, Thanks a Million!! I look forward to ordering a new exedy performance clutch and light weight flywheel from Good-Win Racing in a couple months.

-- Sean