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Goodwin Racing Miata Version 5 Big Brake Kit - FRONT ONLY


NEW Version 5

Miata 1990-2005 · Brakes · Brake Kits and Complete Packages

Part Number: 61-2060

Application: 1990-2005

Price: $899.00



Goodwin Racing Miata Version 5 Big Brake Kit - FRONT ONLY
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Front only of our best version 5 Miata Big Brake Kit. Includes 11.75 inch rotors - your choice between standard Wilwood rotors for low replacement costs or AP Racing for maximum racetrack longevity, front heavy duty stainless steel lines, Wilwood Dynapro calipers with BP-20 pads, mounting brackets, everything you need to complete installation of the front big brake kit.

*** The front calipers in this kit use the 7812 pad shape. Type "7812" into the search box on the upper left of our site to see all our pad options for this caliper.***

Our Version 5 Miata Big Brake Kit has evolved to an 11.75" rotor - the largest that can be fit under most track day wheels - and now features the option for you of either the most affordable rotor replacements available anywhere, OR the highest quality AP Racing rotors for exceptional longevity.

Wilwood 32 vane Ultralight rotor - straight vane design, great for the average street user that wants BIG stopping power but doesn't need the massive heat resistance of our AP Racing rotors. As a bonus, these cost less than $40 per rotor to replace!

AP Racing J-Hook rotor - directional cooling vanes and the highest quality motorsport grade iron composition. The directional internal vanes work on the same principal as an air-impeller, designed to extract hot air. As the disc rotor rotates, it pumps air from the center outwards. The AP Racing rotors also use the highest quality iron and manufacturing processes. The bottom line is that these rotors usually last our track users four or more times longer than the Wilwood rotors (thus, the greater entry cost is paid back in rotor replacement savings with many of our track customers reporting YEARS of track use on one set of these rotors.).

Both rotors share the same scalloped aluminum hats provide the greatest resistance to distortion for uniform disc expansion and added thermal protection for your bearings. Hats are anodized so they will look great for years to come.

WHEEL FITMENT - See below list for which wheels have been test fit on this V5 brake kit.
6UL 15x8 (gen4): Needs 5mm spacer
6UL 15x9 (gen4): OK
6UL 15x10 (gen4): OK
Konig Dial In 15x8: OK
Konig Dial In 15x9: OK
Konig Dekagram 15x8: OK
Konig Wideopen 15x8 +25: NO (Needs ~10mm spacer)
Advanti Racing Storm 15x8: OK
Advanti Racing Storm 15x9: OK
Enkei RPF1 15x8 +28: OK
Enkei PF01 15x8 +35: OK
If you do not see your wheel listed above, you can email us for a template to check on your wheel.
** This 11.75" kit does not fit some 15x8 and 15x7 wheels, it is a racer kit designed for maximum stopping power and heat dissipation for track use and thus generally speaking, designed to fit under wider wheels which have more brake clearance. For a Big Brake Kit that fits under a wider range of narrower street-oriented wheels, see our 11" Wilwood BBK.

Brian's Application Notes: You get what you pay for...and EVERYTHING in our version 5 kit is much more stout than in our discount $599 Wilwood kit. The hats are far superior with more connection points to the rotor using better fasteners. The brackets are several times stronger, the AP rotors are MUCH higher density that will last several times longer than the Wilwood rotors, the rotors cool MUCH more effectively, and finally, the lines are custom made for a direct fit and don't need the numerous adapter fittings used by the Wilwood kit (skipping adapters means less chance for brake fluid leaks!).

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Thanks for such speedy and great service.

-- Richard H.

I red'all the parts in the order I placed and installed them in my car yesterday. I am beyond happy. The install went without a hitch. The results were fantastic. The new brakes track straight, make no noise, and stop the car authoritatively. The new rotors look pretty cool, which we all know isn't all that important, but having 6 women offer to bear your children, because your car looks SO cool is a good problem to have. Thank for great products and service.

-- Chaz C.