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ADD Dust Boots to Dynapro 4 Piston Brake Kit purchased TODAY


Miata MX5 2016-2018 · Brakes · Brake Kits and Complete Packages

Part Number: 61-2094

Application: 2016-2018

Price: $49.00


ADD Dust Boots to Dynapro 4 Piston Brake Kit purchased TODAY
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This upgrade option changes a brake kit you are purchasing from us TODAY to the Dynapro 4 piston caliper versions with dust boot seals. Price covers two calipers or one "kit".

This is an upgrade option available ONLY on the Wilwood Dynapro 4 piston brake calipers. This is available for both the black and red versions of that caliper (price is the same for both). Sorry, this is not available for 6 piston, Dynalite 4 piston, or rear 4 piston calipers. If you buy this option with a kit that is not compatible we will refund this back to you.

This price is an upgrade cost ONLY. If you buy this without purchasing a compatible brake kit from us in the same order we will refund this back to you.

Why dust boots?
Factory brake calipers use dust boot seals to keep dirt, salt and other debris from getting into the gap between the caliper piston and the caliper body which can cause premature wear. We occasionally get a call from someone asking if our brake kits have dust boot seals because the factory calipers have them and so they assume this is a feature they need to be concerned about. To be frank - nearly all Wilwood brake calipers just like all racing brake calipers, do not use dust boots to seal the caliper pistons. This is intentional and done for several reasons, including the point that rubber dust boots can catch fire under extreme brake heat. The pistons fit tightly into the caliper so they seal without the need for rubber seals. In our decades of experience with thousands of Wilwood calipers this design has proven itself completely reliable both road and race track use. HOWEVER, if despite that vote of confidence you are convinced that this is a feature you want to have in your brake caliper AND if you do not have plans for race/track use (remember that bit about the boots not being suitable for high heat) then we have made this option available for you to get the dust boot version of the brake caliper for that added peace of mind.

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As you can see, i placed another order for more parts for my car. I wanted you to know that I'm pleased at how quickly the wheels/tires came, and the radiator too. Great service and response time.

-- Jeff D.

Roadstersport II was a great purchase, easy install, and sounds great.

-- Denny