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Karcepts Spherical Upper Shock Mounts for Ohlins Coilovers


Fiat 124 2017-2018 · Suspension · Coilovers

Part Number: 61-2202F

Application: 2017-2018

Price: $440.00


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Karcepts Spherical Upper Shock Mounts for Ohlins Coilovers
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Upper shock mounts, also known as "Top Hats" for the Fiat 124, with spherical bearings instead of rubber bushings for the most direct and precise suspension action without flex. Developed in cooperation with Karcepts for the Fiat 124 Ohlins coilovers. Add these to your Ohlins order so that you don't have to re-use your factory steel/rubber upper mounts, and as a bonus you can assemble the full coilover and have it ready to go in to the car before you remove the old shock/spring assembly.

- Fits: 2016+ Mazda MX-5 Miata and Fiat 124
- Eliminate friction and binding caused by typical rubber/poly shock mounts.
- Let the shocks control the vehicle, not the bushings
- Prevent side loads on shock pistons and seals
- Increase spring rate linearity
- 6061-T6 black anodized aluminum
- Large 3/4" heat treated and PTFE lined spherical bearings utilized for long life and quiet operation
- Includes 2x front and 2x rear spherical upper mounts

Brian's Application Notes. We run these on our track/autocross installs of the Ohlins in our ND Miata and Fiat 124. If you do not race your car, stay with the rubber factory top bits for best isolation of NVH. If you do autocross or track your car then these give a little more precision at the limits that you can feel in steering response, allowing you to put the car right on the cones with a level of precision not possible with the more squishy factory top mounts.

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Roadstersport II was a great purchase, easy install, and sounds great.

-- Denny

I absolutely love my Roadster Sport headers, mid pipe and Q muffler. I have owned a lot of cars over the years and the quality of your product is truly exceptional. The ability to tune the Super Q is very much appreciated.

-- Tony G.