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Verus Engineering ND Dive Plane (Canard) Kit


Miata MX5 2016-2018 · Exterior

Part Number: 61-2219

Application: 2016-2018

Reg. Price: $208.95

Sale Price: $189.95


Verus Engineering ND Dive Plane (Canard) Kit
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Dive planes, or canards, allow you to shift the aero balance forward, possibly aiding you and your setup in balancing out a large rear wing or diffuser. They are constructed of pre-preg, autoclaved cured, carbon fiber that is polished to a high gloss shine. Dive planes also help seal the sides of the car and help evacuate air from the wheel well. Verus used CFD analysis to aid in the location and overall design of the dive plane for best performance.

- Full carbon construction
- Shift aero balance forward
- Allows fine tuning of aero balance (forward biased)
- 2x2 Weave, Autoclave cured, Carbon Fiber
- Polished to a high gloss shine
- No Gel Coat!
- Stainless Hardware Throughout

Installation Instructions:

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I got the oil cooler installed and I'm diggin' it! Thanks. (product # 10-10012)

-- Shon

Thanks for making this work and providing great customer service! I had a full weekend with the install, but man was it worth it. The flywheel was such a good choice. I can't believe how much easier rev-matching down shifts are. The ACT is surprisingly easy to live with, even with the engagement point very low. I'll tackle that when it stops raining. Thanks again for making this happen this weekend.

-- Brian H