Good-Win Racing Mazda Performance Parts

Kenton's '99 - Chantilly, VA

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Performance Parts Used In Kenton's '99

Miata 1990-2005: Brakes : Brake Kits and Complete Packages

Performance Miata Brake System Performance Miata Brake System

Miata 1990-2005: Intakes : K&N

Mazda MX-5 KandN Intake Kit..RED Mazda MX-5 KandN Intake Kit..RED

Miata 1990-2005: Interior : Shift Knobs and Boots

Leather Shift Boot Leather Shift Boot


I red'all the parts in the order I placed and installed them in my car yesterday. I am beyond happy. The install went without a hitch. The results were fantastic. The new brakes track straight, make no noise, and stop the car authoritatively. The new rotors look pretty cool, which we all know isn't all that important, but having 6 women offer to bear your children, because your car looks SO cool is a good problem to have. Thank for great products and service.

-- Chaz C.

Hi Brian, I just bought a heatshield and a cruise control relocation bracket for my '95 Miata from you. It is in the mail now. Thanks for such fast service. (My cruise is just wrapped up in a microfiber shoprag at this time!)

-- Bob