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EXEDY Happy Meal Combo - Complete Flywheel and Clutch Kit

2006-2015 · 5 Speed

5 SPEED Package with Stage 1 Clutch

Miata MX5 2006-2015 · Clutch-Flywheel-Drivetrain

Part Number: 15-1013325COMBO

Year: 2006-2015

Application: 5 Speed

Reg. Price: $934.24

Sale Price: $794.10


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EXEDY Happy Meal Combo - Complete Flywheel and Clutch Kit
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Our street friendly 13 pound Exedy Flywheel combined with our Exedy Stage One Clutch kit...complete for an amazing price! Exedy is the premier Japanese OEM clutch supplier and EXEDY made your factory Miata clutch so when they told us they had finished a new organic disc heavy duty Miata clutch kit we took notice by installing one in our own 2006 Miata...and we love it.

Rated for increased clamping pressure of 52% and will take the abuse of autocross and track days and low boost applications. Like our ACT HD, this clutch will also give you a slightly stiffer clutch pedal (about 20% stiffer).

But this EXEDY clutch gives a more stock-like release curve....very much like the factory clutch release curve! Kit comes complete with everything you need for installation including Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, Throw Out Bearing, Pilot Bearing and Clutch Alignment Tool. Fits 5 Speed Only.

EXEDY Racing Flywheels are made from solid one piece billet chromoly steel forgings. They are specifically designed to reduce weight and inertia for better engine response. Most incorporate special design features to enhance air flow to improve the cooling of the clutch. The ring gear teeth are milled onto the flywheel unlike an aluminum flywheel where the ring gear is pressed onto the flywheel and have the possibility of separating from the flywheel. 13 pounds!

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: The other guys will push a light flywheel on you under 10 pounds for any application. Though we have choices under 10 pounds for the racers out there, including the lightest NC setup available (our carbon/carbon setup with COMBINED weight of just 16 pounds for flywheel AND clutch), the average STREET Miata driver will likely NOT want it that light. Why? Because ultra light can result in quite a bit of Miata clutch and transmission CHATTER, particularly as your Miata transmission gets older and older. So, for our customers driving their Miata 90% of the time on the street or more, this is the FUN yet QUIET upgrade that won't annoy you with lots of chatter.

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I got the oil cooler installed and I'm diggin' it! Thanks. (product # 10-10012)

-- Shon

Hi Brian, I just bought a heatshield and a cruise control relocation bracket for my '95 Miata from you. It is in the mail now. Thanks for such fast service. (My cruise is just wrapped up in a microfiber shoprag at this time!)

-- Bob