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R3 SFI 38.1 CARBON FIBER Restraint - Size Large


Miata MX5 2006-2015 · Roll-Bars

Part Number: 30-1040R3

Application: 2006-2015

Price: $950.00


R3 SFI 38.1 CARBON FIBER Restraint - Size Large
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The R3 is the relative newcomer to the safety market, having been released just after the turn of the century. Fully SFI-certified after testing and refinement.

Trevor Ashline is the man who developed the R3 you see here. He also developed the Hutchins device and has a long history in the world of automotive safety. He has taken his experience with the Hutchins device and other safety projects he has worked on to develop the R3 as something that he purports to be an improvement on existing technology (such as HANS).

Ashline said, "Our goal, when we developed the R3 was to design a product that would work from all angles of impact. The HANS is a well designed device for a frontal impact, but there are 359 other degrees around you where impact can occur."

In addressing this issue, Ashline said, "Many of the cars in professional racing are difficult to get in and out of, especially for the larger drivers. The R3 can work in a couple of different configurations.

Funny Car Drag Racer Troy Coughlin said he really likes the device: "I always found that the HANS would move around if the car had a violent burnout or if it shook the tires. Once it moved it would become very uncomfortable and become more of a hindrance than a help," he said. "This is a lot more comfortable and is much better ergonomically as a driver. I am more maneuverable with the R3 than I was with the HANS. The other thing that this device does a very good job of is keeping my head up when I hit the parachutes at the end of the run. I was always fighting to keep my head up to keep a good field of vision. After using this, that problem is solved."

Made of carbon fiber, Kevlar and polyester, the R3 unit is designed for light weight and strength. Notes Ashland: "Drivers and Engineers are very concerned with taking weight out of the car. We can use high tech lightweight components to keep the weight as lot as possible but retain strength."

Ashline said, "No matter if the driver is wearing the R3 while getting into the car or if he has it Velcro'd in, the hook up process is the same. The driver attaches the straps around his or her torso, the helmet is attached, along with the quick release lines. Two small loops slide over the ends of the seat belt tangs and are locked in the seat belt latch."

Those two straps with the loops provide the anchor for the head load on the device. It is important to note though that in the event of a seatbelt failure, the devices effectiveness is not diminished, because the seatbelts do not anchor it to the body (unlike HANS!).

You do not need special belts/harnesses or anything like that with the R3 (you do with the HANS). Once it is set, you never have to do it again.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION COMMENTS: You do not need special belts/harnesses or anything like that with the R3 like with the HANS. We use the R3. Some data suggests that it performs as well as HANS in a frontal impact and better than HANS in an offset impact (and without the deep chest bruising a HANS can cause in an accident). VERY handy for instructors because you can take it car to car....since it is attached to the driver. We found that using the seat insert (provided) made it much more comfortable.

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After reading many other positive reviews on both the GWR and Miata forums I finally decided to buy this product. My main concern for many months was whether or not I was up to the task of installing the header. But with the excellent instructions on Brian's forum as well as several Miata forum threads it turned out easier than I expected. After receiving notice that the header would arrive on a Friday afternoon, I began the disassembly process. After about 3 hours I had the stock manifold out. Later that afternoon the new catted header arrived right on schedule. And it is a thing of beauty. I opted for the stainless version. Installation on Saturday morning took another 3 hours, although I could have shaved some time off of that but I was actually enjoying the process of double checking torque values and cleaning up my engine compartment. I already have the GWR catted midpipe, so that connection was a snap. I put everything back together, reconnected my battery, and went for a drive. NO CODES! Nice throaty sound with my RSII muffler, and a significant boost in power and low/mid torque. Another happy camper here. I since have added a M-E tune and I feel I have realized all of the gains that Brian has achieved on his 2012 project Miata. I've put several hundred miles on my Miata since the install with zero problems. This is the car that Mazda should have built all along. Thanks Brian.

-- Ron P.

As you can see, i placed another order for more parts for my car. I wanted you to know that I'm pleased at how quickly the wheels/tires came, and the radiator too. Great service and response time.

-- Jeff D.

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