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Miata Race Miata Connecting Pipe


Miata 1990-2005 · Exhaust · Mufflers

Part Number: 60-1013

Application: 1999-2005

Price: $245.00


Miata Race Miata Connecting Pipe
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Sorry, this product is not available to residents of California.
1999-2005 Miata Stainless Steel Miata Race Connecting Pipe(Excluding 2004-05 Mazdaspeed Turbo and 1999-03 Automatic Transmission Equipped Cars). This fully 304 stainless-steel high-flow Miata connecting pipe replaces the factory Miata middle pipe and integrated catalytic converter. Intended for 1999-05 Miatas, this Miata connecting pipe will meet the demands of any high horsepower normally-aspirated or aftermarket turbo-charged Miata.

Note: This Miata connecting pipe is not compatible with Miatas equipped with the factory Miata mid-chassis brace that was introduced on the 2001 Miata and that brace must be unbolted and removed for installation of this connecting pipe. Manufactured from 2.375-inch stainless steel tubing, this Miata connecting pipe includes a large diameter presilencer for noise reduction. Designed as a bolt-on component, this Miata midpipe is easy to install and utilizes all existing mounting brackets and hangers. This Miata midpipe has no provision for a rear oxygen sensor mounting position, since the placement of the rear sensor in this pipe without converter would trigger a "check engine" light.

This Miata RACE Midpipe is intended for race vehicles, and it is assumed that all emissions control devices will be removed from the vehicle. If class rules require emission control devices be retained, we suggest relocating the rear oxygen sensor to an open area in the engine compartment OR our RoadsterSport Midpipe which flows even more than this Race Midpipe thanks to even larger 2.5 inch tubing and an included highflow converter.

Otherwise, for use of this Race Miata Midpipe we suggest the following options:

1. Federal emissions equipped Miatas: The rear oxygen sensor must be removed from the stock connecting pipe prior to the installation of the race Miata midpipe.

This sensor can be:
1) left in a position under the Miata chassis (exposed to the elements), or
2) relocated to an open area in the engine compartment (protected from the elements).

If the sensor is to be relocated to the engine compartment:
1) a Racing Beat 51" wiring extension, featuring OEM style plug-in connectors, can be ordered (sold here), or
2) a wiring extension can be fabricated by your shop, crew, etc..

(Note: The use of the Racing Beat harness allows for easy replacement of the stock connecting pipe.) California emissions equipped Miatas (In addition to CA, these models were sold in several northeastern states - check the emissions decal under the hood of your car to verify the emissions status of your car.) California Miatas NOT equipped with a header (pre-cat instead) - Installation of this pipe does not require the repositioning of the rear oxygen sensor. This pipe can be used on a Miata NOT equipped with a header without any need to relocate the rear O2 sensor.

Miatas that ARE equipped with a Racing Beat Header - The rear oxygen sensor must be removed from the "new" mounting position in the stock connecting pipe prior to the installation of the race connecting pipe. Using the wiring harness that was supplied with the header kit, the rear sensor can be relocated to an open area in the engine compartment.

*This component is legal only for racing vehicles, which may never be used upon a highway.

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Thanks for making this work and providing great customer service! I had a full weekend with the install, but man was it worth it. The flywheel was such a good choice. I can't believe how much easier rev-matching down shifts are. The ACT is surprisingly easy to live with, even with the engagement point very low. I'll tackle that when it stops raining. Thanks again for making this happen this weekend.

-- Brian H

Hi There Good-Win Racing. I just wanted to thank you guys so much for the great customer service and quality parts. My 91 MX-5 is running awesome thanks to the parts I put on it from your website, racing beat sway bars, racing beat endlinks, racing beat muffler, magnaflow catalytic con, shifter parts, and a few more. Thank you so much for making your website so knowledgeable and easy to get all these awesome MX-5 parts. My MX-5 handles, drives, and sounds awesome with all the new parts, Thanks a Million!! I look forward to ordering a new exedy performance clutch and light weight flywheel from Good-Win Racing in a couple months.

-- Sean