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RX8 4-piston caliper Big Brake Kit - Two piece rotors, Curved Drilled Slot


RX8 2004-2011 · Brakes

Part Number: 60-1134

Application: 2004-2011

No Longer Available
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RX8 4-piston caliper Big Brake Kit - Two piece rotors, Curved Drilled Slot
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This kit includes:
* 2 Two-piece Rotors with drilled holes IN the curved slots.
* 2 4-Piston calipers
* 2 Aluminum adapters and hardware
* 1 Set of Racing Brake pads
* Front / Rear Goodridge stainless steel brake lines (BL001S)
* True floating Two-piece rotors with patent pending center-mount design, specially developed for 350Z and G35 (non-Brembo).
* Upgrades to a 13 big rotor for dramatic improvement in braking power. Direct bolt on, easy to install. Alloyed iron formula adds strength and heat resistance. Heat treating further improves rotor performance for a more uniform and stabilized microstructure.

Machining: Slotted Surface: EDP Coating w/cross cut grinding on friction surface
4-Piston Caliper: * Body machined from 6061-T6 forged aluminum.
* Piston sizes are 38mm x 38mm.
* Double-sealed pistons with external fluid crossover.
* Saves almost half the weight of JDM pistons.
Powder coated red, resistant to heat and brake fluid.
Adapter: 7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy

Rotor Design: Our unique and patent pending rotor designs make our discs cooler and last longer.

1. Convergent vane design: The cooling vanes are of a convergent nozzle design, which increases airflow and turbulence and makes discs cooler.

2. Center-mount design: The center-mount flanges for hat mounting to the rotor ring have several benefits including that it allows the ring to be used on either side of the vehicle simply by mounting the hat on either side of the ring (unidirectional);
The stress load transferred from the ring to the hat is balanced;
Air inlets are widely open to both inboard and outboard sides of the rotor;
more air management with even temperature on both sides of the disc surface;
Heat transfer from the disc surfaces to the hat is even and minimized by increasing the flange length and the airflow around the flanges;
* Mounting flanges are on both friction surfaces ultimately provides excellent heat balance.
* Increases the offset from 12-15mm to eliminate the need for a wheel spacer.

3. True floating design Exclusive full floating design with 10.9 grade alloyed hardware. Hardware is DACRO coated and crimp locking. DACRO is highly corrosion resistant and provides a film for easier movement between the hat and rotor ring as disc expands and contracts and the crimp design provides positive engagement without rattling or torque loss at temperature.

Satisfaction Guarantee: We are confident that our kits will outperform the competition based on our 18 month development and testing. If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days from the time of purchase for the value and performance of the brake kit, you may return them for a full refund less shipping and handling.

Fits 18 inch stock wheels: The highest quality alloyed gray iron composition is heat treated to releive casting stress, straight slots, surface EDP Coating w/cross cut grinding on friction surface. These are dynamically balanced after slotting to ensure vibration-free use at high speed. The slots wipe away the white-hot boundary layer from the disc and pad to increase braking efficiency, particularly in wet conditions. The rotor is painted using an "electro-deposition" process for the very best in rust prevention. For version that fits our Enkei RP-F1 18x9.5, please email us.

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Hi There Good-Win Racing. I just wanted to thank you guys so much for the great customer service and quality parts. My 91 MX-5 is running awesome thanks to the parts I put on it from your website, racing beat sway bars, racing beat endlinks, racing beat muffler, magnaflow catalytic con, shifter parts, and a few more. Thank you so much for making your website so knowledgeable and easy to get all these awesome MX-5 parts. My MX-5 handles, drives, and sounds awesome with all the new parts, Thanks a Million!! I look forward to ordering a new exedy performance clutch and light weight flywheel from Good-Win Racing in a couple months.

-- Sean

I received great help from Good-Win on choosing these wheels and tires and the cost + shipping was very nice, but the help you get here is worth any cost.

-- Bob H.

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