RoadsterSport RACE MX5 Miata Muffler, Just 8 pounds! for MX5
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RoadsterSport RACE MX5 Miata Muffler, Just 8 pounds!


PART NUMBER: 60-1326


Reg. Price: $299.00

Sale Price: $259.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $299.00

Sale Price: $259.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


This MX5 Exhaust was designed for RACING. In particular, this muffler was designed for the autocross and track MX5 Miata drivers. It may also appeal to some MX5 Miata owners who want a SIMPLE AND PROPER SINGLE SIDED MIATA EXHAUST. Let's face facts, dual exhausts on a straight four cylinder Miata is a ridiculous waste of weight. Mazda talks about gram strategy in the development of this new Miata but they wasted a lot of weight on duals that provide no performance benefit and lots of extra weight.

Yes, this RACE exhaust is on the LOUD side of our choices but what the racers need to know is that max recorded db usually 85-88 db at 50 feet....well within all track and autocross limits and low enough that many will run this MX5 exhaust on their daily driver and love it.

Just 8 pounds means this Miata muffler is almost 20 pounds less than the stock Miata muffler! How do we do it? By using a higher than normal perforation rate on the straight through super high density core to get maximum sound suppression with absolutely minimal weight. This seven pound Miata exhaust compares with 19 pounds for our RoadsterSport Miata Duals and over 26 pounds for the factory exhaust.

Does NOT include baffle insert like the RoadsterSport Miata Duals, but we offer separate special optional baffle insert. SHIPPING NOTE...ships factory direct to you, in stock now. All POLISHED stainless steel construction and LIFETIME warranty. Uses stock hangers and connects to either our midpipe or the stock midpipe. Proudly made in the USA. Includes mounting gasket and hardware.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: Besides making the racers happy, this is great choice for the street use Miata owner who will be changing ONLY the muffler....because on an otherwise stock Miata this is actually relatively mild when cruising, delivering a classic sports car bark when you stick your foot in it...tons of fun, better performance, and much lower weight.

Nonetheless, this choice is not for the faint of heart. The most common question we get on this one is: "will it be too loud" and we cannot answer that one for you because the "right" sound level is a matter of entirely subjective personal preference. One observation we have made is that customers under age 30 seem to consistently feel it is just right, not too loud.

SORRY, this small item ends up in comparatively large box that is too big for the postal size limits for shipping to New Zealand and Australia.

Hear it NOW with our PPE Long Tube Header in SCCA Autocross.


Read full installation hints and notes in our forum Installation Instruction Section! --- CLICK HERE TO READ MORE. The secret is LUBE your hangers well with dishsoap so you can get flanges aligned properly, and torque the supplied hardware to NO MORE THAN 25-30 ft/lbs (using more torque will actually result in LESS seal because you will pucker the flange out at the middle).

And here is what you get if you go full Good-Win Racing RoadsterSport MAX Power Header, RoadsterSport Midpipe (version with converter and resonator), and RoadsterSport Race....the header REALLY opens things up, this combo not for the faint of heart!

Hear our RACE Muffler with our new HELMHOLTZ MIDPIPE below (note most of this video shot in the dark, so you do not SEE much, but you can hear a lot!).



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport RACE MX5 Miata Muffler, Just 8 pounds!

Holy Crap. Right now I've got a completely stock exhaust system besides the Roadster Sport Race muffler. Swapping from the Stock muffler involved very little prep work. This car lived 95% of its life in Michigan being driven during both winter and summer, so the exhaust flange bolts were significantly corroded. Twenty-Four hours before installation, I sprayed both bolts with PB blaster, then waited until the next day. In the morning I sprayed again before work, then again after a seven hour shift. When the exhaust had been delivered (which only took two days from time of ordering!) the breaker bar easily loosened the nuts. The sound is absolutely amazing! I grinned from ear to ear after the first startup. As others have already stated, the craftsmanship is absolutely flawless. Right now, I think it's probably the perfect noise level for me; at least until I replace the mid pipe due to a separating catalytic converter. The pops and burbles audible alone after the install make this muffler worth the price tag. Do yourself a favor (and your Yata) and purchase this muffler if you're still running a stock exhaust.

Awesome pipe, I think it works well with the stock header and mid pipe for now, good sound & not too much! Thank you GWR!

I first purchased the street single and liked it with the stock header & mid pipe, needed a little more though so I bought the race single. This is much better in my opinion till I change the header/mid/turbo down the road then maybe throw the street single back on with a baffle if it's nuts... Thank you GWR!

It's been on my ride about a month now. And. . . I LOVE IT!!!

It could be louder for my taste. But, I do like the tone. I run most of the time with the top dropped.

If there was some way to get the British Sports car tone of my MGB, it would be perfect. But, it's still a 5 Star product. Easy to install. Looks great! Sounds great!

After tons of videos and forum posts, I finally made my decision to buy the RS Race based on GWR's reputation for quality and great customer service along with the amazing sound this little muffler makes.

My package arrived on the exact date it was scheduled to. My purchase was safe and sound in a rather large box with formed foam protecting it. When I first held it in my hands I could tell it was of top notch quality and I was very eager to get it installed on my mx5.

Installation was a breeze. What I did not expect, was my old exhaust not going down without a fight. Its former Ohio home had left it with rusty bolts that rounded very easily (partly my fault for not using heat). So I took the car down to my work. To make a long story short, I cut it out. Once the 25+ lbs carcass was free from the mid pipe, I went ahead and just cut the hangers as well. Tip: if you have questionable bolts USE HEAT, real heat from a torch or you will be cussing and cutting everything out as I did.

After everything was out, I used soapy water and got the hangers nice and slippery and got it hanging so I could get the pipe installed. I then found that no matter how I positioned the pipe, the gasket would not seal my mid pipe and RS together without leaks (yes the hangers were slippery). Thankfully, I had ordered an extra gasket from GWR anticipating this. I double stacked them and got everything lined up and it sealed perfectly without having to “jack” the pipes together with the bolts.. Not sure if this is the proper method, but it worked great for me.

The sound is amazing. Once the car is warmed up, you can hardly hear it at idle. At lower RPMs, its modest but you can expect some cabin noise and nice burbles and pops on decel also at shift points around 3.5k (the burbles and pops seem to get better and more audible after about 500 miles). Just granny driving around town it doesn't seem to bother anyone under 3.5k. When you step into it, that's when you'll fall in love. It starts to scream at you and get very raspy. In a VERY good way. Definitely reminds me of old British roadsters. Just wait until you go through a tunnel :) YouTube videos do not do the RS Race justice. It sounds PERFECT. If you don't mind some noise (good noise) and a small amount of drone in 6th in between 2-3k this is the ultimate pipe you want in my opinion.

Ordered this exhaust 1 week ago. It was delivered in 4 days and after much anticipation I decided to jump in without having done an exhaust install before. Took about 15 min with an impact gun and some pb blaster. Now I have fallen in love with this car 1 million times more. If you don't have an aftermarket exhaust you NEED one.

As for the sound, it is everything I personally wanted. I have a stock header and mid-pipe but I still wanted a loud exhaust. Im able to hear my car at idle and maybe a few small pops on decel. If it was any louder I might have complaints but I think it's perfect, I'm also not using the baffle which I'd assume would quiet it a bit. I love this exhaust, and can't even imagine how it would sound with a header and mid-pipe

Somewhere between 5k and 10k miles later review*
As advertised! I have otherwise stock exhaust so for those of you looking to start with upgrading the back box listen up

Initial: (w/o baffle) low deep tone. Pleasant, some garbles and light pops on decel, noticable boominess on decel and low RPMs under load (which i expected) drone on the highway is definitely not unbearable, better than an NA with Roadstersport3 setup. I commute about 30 mins on the highway to work every day and it really wasn't bad. When you get on throttle its a loud but still warm tone, deep and pretty throaty, no annoying swarm of bees or anything.
(W/baffle) my god, the wooshing noise coming through the baffle is something else! I had a friend record it as i drove by, its quite the sound! Under normal driving the baffle cut back the drone pretty good too so it was a win-win!

8k miles(ish) later
Oh man once this thing breaks in? (Around 1k miles) WOW. Nice and throaty, not much louder, so many more POPs and garbles on decel and in between shifts. Just perfect. And either i got used to it but i think it may have gotten less boomy too over time.

Beautiful piece. Came quickly and well packaged. This muffler is very light. Install was simple, and sounds great.

I'm using this exhaust on my daily driver with stock headers and midpipe. The exhaust produces an aggressive sound, with light burbling on idle, high pitch growl near redline, and an occasional pop during deacceleration.There is not much drone on city streets, but a lot of it on the highway (2.7K RPM to 3.6K RPM). This exhaust is loud.

The baffle highly improves this exhaust, it kills most of the highway drone and brings the dbs' to the perfect aggressive daily driver kind of level.

Installation was easy; make sure to use dish soap to get the exhaust into the hangers, it'll save you a lot of time and struggle.

This muffler makes me want to drive this car faster. This muffler opens up a lot more noise from the engine if you want to listen to your car while you drive or even autoX. YOU MY FRIEND IS IN FOR A GOOD TIME. Have fun all roadsters fan.

Seriously couldn't be happier with this new muffler.
The exhaust note takes me back to my glass-pack mufflered 68 Datsun 1600. The bubbling sound during downshift, the throaty note during acceleration, and the reduced pressure on the exhaust system makes the shifts feel smoother.

When I bought it I was worried that it would sound like one of those fart cans that everyone puts on their Honda civics but I wanted an exhaust that I could here cruising down the road. When I finally installed it and started it up I was impressed by the way it sounded. It has a nice deep tone to it. I recommend anyone who is looking to get a single exhaust to get this one. Thank you Goodwin Racing!!

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