COMBO Miata EXHAUST SPECIAL- RoadsterSport 3 Miata Muffler with RoadsterSport Miata Midpipe for Miata 1999-2005
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COMBO Miata EXHAUST SPECIAL- RoadsterSport 3 Miata Muffler with RoadsterSport Miata Midpipe


Combo Saves OVER $100.

PART NUMBER: 60-1331


Reg. Price: $1,574.35

Sale Price: $1,369.00


Due to EPA restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to California.

Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $1,574.35

Sale Price: $1,369.00


Due to EPA restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to California.

Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


NOBODY comes close to giving you a complete header back matching all stainless Miata midpipe and Miata exhaust for 99-05 in this quality for this price including highflow all stainless midpipe with highflow catalytic converter and resonator and all stainless muffler! This system is 2.5 inches all the way through to handle all your flow needs.

Our favorite Miata exhaust choice together with our favorite Miata midpipe choice...and the ONLY 99-05 Miata exhaust with adjustable sound level!

Built in solid 304 stainless steel and completely polished to a mirror finish, this high quality Miata exhaust is our only choice that incorporates a baffle insert that gives YOU some control over the final sound level (baffle in is only about 5 to 10% more sound than stock, baffle out is about 10-15% more sound than you always have a choice for those longer trips). For those that want even more sound, this combo with our highflow Miata midpipe adds more flow and another 10% more sound (note midpipe does NOT fit MAZDASPEED Miata).

This new version of the RoadsterSport Miata muffler has both baffle included and a double walled tip for years of lasting good looks while giving you control over over the final sound level. And, you always have the option of our packed baffle insert which is sold here separately. Despite the relatively conservative sound, our use of special high density packing materials and a higher perforation rate in the straight through core than most exhaust makers allows us to save more weight over the factory Miata muffler than other choices while still giving you the most mellow sound.

Stock Miata muffler is 25 pounds....our RoadsterSport3 Miata exhaust is just 18 pounds, and the RoadsterSport Miata Midpipe saves another few pounds off the stock Miata midpipe. With an ear pleasing exhaust note, great price and easy installation this Miata exhaust and Miata midpipe combination is a great package to support additional Miata performance modifications including turbos and superchargers. This combo NOT CARB APPROVED, NOT FOR SALE TO RESIDENTS OF CALIFORNIA (see our CARB Midpipes for residents of California by year of application sold separate on this website, items 61-1221, 61-1222, 61-1220).

INSTALLATION: See Forum Installation Section! The slip joint in the middle of this item is your friend, lube it up and adjust length and clocking position as needed (if you ignore this note and shove both parts fully together you will make it all too short and that will cause contact with the differential....and you can fix that by adding some length at the slip joint.). We strongly suggest Customers print at least this install note so their Mechanic does not fly blind on the install, to really be prepared please read the Midpipe Installation thread in our forum for our tips and tricks as well as the tips of many customers who have installed the same over the years.

LIFETIME WARRANTY and made with pride in the USA (300-cell ceramic catalytic converter used in all midpipes sold in 2012 or later now include a 5 yr/50,000 mile warranty on its housing and 25,000 miles on the internals).



MORE Sound Files at our Exhaust Blog---CLICK HERE TO LISTEN AND READ MORE

Video below from Customer Paul Barger, using our Racing Beat Header and RoadsterSport Midpipe and RoadsterSport Exhaust.



Customer Reviews

COMBO Miata EXHAUST SPECIAL- RoadsterSport 3 Miata Muffler with RoadsterSport Miata Midpipe

You get what you pay for, and this setup, while not cheap, is super high quality and sounds great. Installation was pretty straightforward, fit was fantastic and the quality of components outstanding. I have no idea if it added any power, maybe a bit but the butt dyno is unsure. I went with this set up anticipating a stage 1 turbo kit next year, at which point the high flow cat and 2.5" piping should match up well, allowing the correct amount of flow. In the meantime, sounds great, no drone, and appropriately sonorous even without the baffle. Completely satisfied.

The RoadsterSport Exhaust was easy to install in my home garage in about 2.5 hours (remove old and install new). Exhaust sounds good, but will definitely be busting the glass packed baffle for normal day to day use. A little droney at low RPM/high speeds.

Installed the Roadstersport 3 full exhaust system on my 99 Miata. My car is stock with the exception of a 4-2-1 header. Let me tell you, this exhaust kit was a game changer and I'm in love!!!! Definitely increased performance and the sound is incredible - perfection!!!! If you're looking for a new exhaust DO NOT HESITATE - buy this with 110% confidence!!!
The shipping was incredibly fast - I had everything delivered in 3 days from payment WOWWWW. A big shout out to Brian as he went above and beyond to help me and answer all my questions!!! First class company with first class products. A++++++++

As a youth I purchased an aftermarket Abarth exhaust system (header back) for an MGB. It had a gorgeous exhaust note, looked great on the vehicle, and may have improved the performance, at least in my mind. With that favorable modification in memory, I decided to purchase the Roadster 3 Miata exhaust (muffler and mid pipe) from Good-Win Racing for my 2003 Miata. The system was impressively built of polished stainless steel, looked to be of very high quality, and I couldn't wait to have it installed. I chose to have my local shop install it as I don't have access to a vehicle lift. They installed the exhaust system without any issues--according to them it was a fairly simple process. The exhaust note from the Roadster 3 system is low, pleasant, and has none of the obnoxious raspiness heard with the "coffee can" systems seen regularly on kids' rice cars these days. It is obviously a well-engineered system, tuned to have a pleasant, authoritative exhaust note, and it succeeds. The only minor complaints I have is that it can get slightly boomy at certain RPMs, and the system becomes somewhat louder as it warms up. Initially it sounds fairly quiet, but after a few miles the volume increases. I have no idea why this is the case. I tried removing the small baffle at first, but it was somewhat louder, so I replaced it. However after the system warms up to operating temperature, it seems to make little difference in volume between baffle-in or baffle-out. At any rate it's not a problem, and both my wife and I love the sound. This is the exhaust system Miatas should be delivered with from the factory. Performance improvement? Who knows if there is is difference, but the car is certainly more fun to drive now. And it didn't suffer in that respect before.

I love this exhaust! The sound is terrific above 4000 rpm, it really opens up the note and adds some great undertones without eliminating the 'Miata' sound.
The installation is easy, the hardest part was fighting with the rusted bolts (four of them total). The hanger pegs on this exhaust are easier to get on and off than the OE ones.
I purchased the glass-packed baffle with it, and while I appreciate the ability to adjust the sound level, I generally don't use it because the exhaust sounds so good that I always want to hear it! But I think that on a road trip or prolonged freeway driving, the baffle would be hugely helpful, just to save my ears!
To sum up: great sound, easy install, volume adjust options. A great package altogether!

I installed the Roadstersport3 muffler and Mid-Pipe this weekend, i gotta say, that slip joint on the mid-Pipe is genius!
I took my time with the install and replaced all of the rubber hangers with the Poly ones you sell. (If you do, install them on the muffler and mid-pipe first then to the car.) it ended up taking about 2 hours because i was prepping the car for the 350 mile drive to a weekend of racing on Labor Day. Ug, why are there still things on my car to-do list before I leave...

Over all I am very impressed with the quality when I was just in to the packaging (like a spoiled kid at Christmas) I liked how well it was packed up, to be honest, its packed better than the RacingBeat Header that I installed with the new engine I built.
The sound levels are higher and make it sound like it means business, cruising at 70MPH on the highway with the supplied baffle you can barely hear it, romp on it and its alive.

Thanks Brian and the rest of the Goodwin Racing Team.


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