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CERAMIC COATED STAINLESS STEEL Header, Helmholtz Midpipe, and Super-Q Exhaust!

Miata MX5 2006-2015 · Exhaust

Part Number: 61-0080CeramicHelm

Application: 2006-2015

Reg. Price: $1,617.00

Sale Price: $1,579.00


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Sorry, this product is not available to residents of California.
As the leader in Miata exhausts we are proud to present our:

COMPLETE PREMIUM STAINLESS Plug and Play MX5 Miata Exhaust Combo!

Includes: Made In America All Stainless Steel Lifetime Warranty!

*Roadstersport Max Power Header CERAMIC COATED VERSION
*RoadsterSport HELMHOLTZ Midpipe
*RoadsterSport Super-Q exhaust
*Both Plug and Play O2 Extension cables
- needed to relocate both factory O2 sensors to the Midpipe.

Simple Bolt on for MANUAL TRANSMISSION ONLY, can be installed on Automatic but see page four of our forum header install thread for details of what is required.

See Extensive additional information in the product listings for each of these items elsewhere on our MX5 exhaust page, including dyno and video links (sample video bottom of this page!), just short summaries below. Entire system saves 25 pounds over stock and adds torque from low rpms to redline that you can feel.

RoadsterSport Max Power Header! Gorgeous all T304 polished stainless steel max flow MX5 Miata header. Lifetime warranty. We have included a number of features into our MX5 Miata header which we believe customers will appreciate. We CNC machine the main flange to match the factory unit, including the bolt hole flange area thicknesses so that we are precisely replicating the factory fit to the head in terms of thread depth and space, etc.

We also put incredible effort into making the exit at the collector as smooth and perfect as we can get it because this collection point is the KEY to good header flow and we had to make sure this was done as perfect as possible. Note we use the factory collector our fit is as factory-like as possible. Note that we have no O2 sensor connection in our part to keep flow as clean as we can get it, but also because we could see no purpose in locating them in the header since doing so will throw a code because pulling the factory header includes removal of the first catalytic converter (code is avoided by using our included extension cables shown in the picture to locate sensors to before and after our midpipe converter).

RoadsterSport Stainless Steel HELMHOLTZ Midpipe. A revolution in exhaust technology finally in a Miata application, this midpipe features an exclusive Helmholtz Resonator that massively reduces the standing wave 'boominess' inside the exhaust system BEFORE it gets to your muffler of choice! Cuts the 'booming' frequencies of 120-130hz by 48+db inside a top up Miata cabin which is a common source of complaints with aftermarket exhausts on the MX5.

We outfitted our Project 2012 PRHT Miata with a computer and sound spectrum analyzer and microphones and drove it under varying conditions and loads with mufflers and without any muffler to measure the frequencies coming out the midpipe. We then use that data and some special software to calculate the particulars of the Helmholtz chamber needed to precisely knock down the frequencies we do not want to hear while allowing the good throaty burble fun sounds to pass through. The result is all the fun, an almost exotic burble throaty result, without the drone! Note it is very dual personality because the effect of the Helmholtz is very frequency specific such that under decel it is mild and quiet, yet when you push hard toward redline it sounds exotic and racy. With the top down lots of fun throaty burble, but dramatically more tame when the top is up. In brief, FUN when you want it, and mild when just cruising.

Our midpipe is designed to take both O2 sensors...and includes two O2 sensor before the midpipe's converter and one after the midpipe's converter to help avoid a code by simulating the factory installation before.

CARB NOTICE: Installing a header in the new 2006 through 2015 Miata means removing the first catalytic converter which means not CARB approved. Thus, the header is legal for offroad race use only, and can NEVER be CARB approved. Sorry, cannot ship these to residents of California.

RoadsterSport "Super-Q" Stainless Steel Premium Adjustable Sound MX5 Miata Exhaust. Our Best! We make Five different Miata exhaust choices for the 2006 and newer MX5 Miata, including the RoadsterSport RACE, RoadsterSport STREET Single, the RoadsterSport II Duals, the RoadsterSport Q, and this premium duals unit we affectionately call the RoadsterSport Super-Q. This attenuation chamber design unit is the most mild and mellow on an otherwise stock Miata...about 10 to 15% louder than stock...with a deep burble. This unit was designed for both improved flow performance AND the best sound absorbing ability possible. This premium MX5 muffler is the BEST choice for those who plan such additional mods as a supercharger or header change (which unleashes a massive amount of additional sound). This attenuation design is also a premium "NO-DRONE" choice for those with the AUTOMATIC transmission which tends to keep the RPMS in the lower ranges. By using smooth mandrel bent 2.5 inch tubing to redirect the flow for a side entrance to the muffler we engineered a sound wave attenuation first chamber to knock down volume level dramatically while maintaining a flow-through design. Our latest and best dyno results for the header change which are in our forum were obtained with this muffler....ALL THE FLOW, without the noise! Yes, simple BOLT ON that bolts to our midpipe, or the factory midpipe, or our Racing Beat midpipes. Weight is 24 pounds.

INSTRUCTIONS in Installation Section of our Forum separately titled: "Roadstersport Midpipe Installation", "Header Installation" and "2006-2014 RoadsterSport Exhaust Install"

New Rolled Slant Cut Tips!

To maximize your results as we did here consider a MOTO-EAST ECU REFLASH

Take a ride in our 2006 with this full RoadsterSport Header, Midpipe and Exhaust in the video at the bottom of the page.


Read full installation hints and notes in our forum Installation Instruction Section! The secret is LUBE your hangers well with dishsoap so you can get flanges aligned properly, and torque the supplied hardware to NO MORE THAN 25-30 ft/lbs (using more torque will actually result in LESS seal because you will pucker the flange out at the middle).

DYNO from our own Project 2006. Red line is best STOCK result. Blue line is best result with this RoadsterSport Max Power Header, RoadsterSport Midpipe and RoadsterSport our MotoEast tune to raise the redline (intake is still STOCK). Notice lots MORE power from idle to Redline, lots more TORQUE from idle to redline, making the car much faster and more fun to drive!

Hear it in the video below:

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Thanks for such speedy and great service.

-- Richard H.

Thanks for making this work and providing great customer service! I had a full weekend with the install, but man was it worth it. The flywheel was such a good choice. I can't believe how much easier rev-matching down shifts are. The ACT is surprisingly easy to live with, even with the engagement point very low. I'll tackle that when it stops raining. Thanks again for making this happen this weekend.

-- Brian H

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