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Good-Win Racing MX5 Miata Intercooled MP62 SUPERCHARGER Kit Complete with MOTO-EAST Tune


Miata MX5 2006-2015 · Superchargers-Turbos

Part Number: 61-0214BME

Application: 2006-2015

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Good-Win Racing MX5 Miata Intercooled MP62 SUPERCHARGER Kit Complete with MOTO-EAST Tune
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WHY? You want MAX Miata FUN!

HOW? The same ultra reliable MP62 Supercharger proven in many OEM applications!


If Mazda had installed a supercharger at the factory, it would feel like this kit. Seamless delivery of POWER from idle all the way to redline! You don't hear much of anything until you put your foot into it, and when you mash the pedal to the floor you get the classic Eaton Blower sound as the power pushes you back in the seat (see our Winning Autocross Videos at bottom of page to hear it for yourself). Automobile Magazine tested Mazda's Super20 show car with this supercharger and clocked a 5.3 second 0-60 time, our install on our 2007 Autocross XP Class Racer does 4.9 0-60 thanks to our slightly higher boost version of this kit and our much better flowing complete RoadsterSport Max Power header and RoadsterSport Midpipe and RoadsterSport SuperQ Muffler.


Includes EVERYTHING you need for install right down to the injectors and COMPLETE MOTOEAST TUNE WITH COMPLETE EcuTek ProECU kit and license AND THE ECUTEK CABLE (the other guys charge extra $225 for the cable). So YOU get the best calibration and you can update tunes as needed for future modifications (like adding one of our higher flowing headers to optimize your boosted performance).

This bolt-on MX5 Miata Supercharger system features a state of the art 4th generation Eaton MP62 rotating group housed in an integral inlet manifold. The kit was designed as a compact, ULTRA RESPONSIVE, flexible supercharger system for increased power with original equipment quietness and reliability without adversely affecting fuel economy. The Eaton MP62 has proven itself in MANY OE applications...and our original install has been racing since 2008! The bolt-on MX5 Miata Supercharger system features an efficient air to water intercooler to keep total throttle volume low for ultra snappy throttle response that systems with long sections of pipe to and from Air/Air intercoolers can't match! Also includes upgraded fuel system and complete installation hardware. A higher flowing air box cover is included to house the factory sensor. A revised accessory drive arrangement complete the major components list.

Kit includes an amazing 3 year/36,000 mile defect warranty on the Magnuson Supercharger sourced equipment in this kit! Not CARB exempt which means not legal for California highways (usually legal in other states if it does not throw code and all OBDII equipment is retained).

Brief History of this Kit. Originally sold as the "Cosworth MX5 Supercharger" kit and now sold without the Cosworth name. A competitor sells the same kit though last we checked they offered slower pulley for less boost and a less successful tune (yes, we tried their tune), and they do not include the Ecutek Cable ($225 value)....and now that competitor calls that slower and less complete kit an 'exclusive'...which is funny if you think about it.

Cosworth picked GOOD-WIN RACING as the FIRST INSTALLER for these kits because our experience driving, modifying, and racing the NC platform is unmatched. Cosworth hand delivered the very first of these kits here in September of 2008. That very first kit is still running perfect today and races most weekends in our SuperCharged 2007 Autocross MX5, see autocross videos bottom of this page for virtual ride along. Our original install is still turning TOP TIME OF DAY in these weekend competitions, beating every Corvette, Porsche, BMW, Mustang, etc. Thus, we have depth of experience, including on-going competition experience with this kit, that NO competitor can match. We have brought the kits back to original spec Pulley, since customers buying the later kits with slower pulleys were eventually upgrading anyway, here we have saved you the expense and trouble by giving you full power in the complete kit....which once again makes up to 10 PSI for those of us near sea level, and that makes as much as 262 HP you see in our dyno sheets when used with our MotoEast Calibration and Complete RoadsterSport Max Power Exhaust System (exhaust sold separate on our site).

INSTALLATION NOTES: Spark Plug gap to .032 and not the factory .054. The ideal option is to use DENSO ITV22 spark plugs. They are a heat range colder and pre-gapped. Install of the factory oil cooler recommended and sold separately on this same website (became standard from the factory with 2009). We also recommend that hard driving or racing customers consider need a header and an upgraded clutch such as our ACT clutches, or our Carbon/Carbon clutches. Owners of AUTO trans need a standard automatic transmission oil cooling kit from their local auto parts store. Kit originally designed for 2006-2008 version of the MX5 and owners of 2009+ will need the plastic intake tube that connects the airbox to the throttle body WITHOUT the air snorkel connection, or you can add our MotoEast Intake and plum the PVC valve.

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: . Go with the leader, the only company driving and racing this kit since it was introduced in 2008. Other retailers have jumped in the game but they don't race this kit, they don't even drive this kit, which means nobody can match our experience with the details. This kit gets an otherwise stock MX5 to about 200 hp at the wheels (up from only about 130 hp at the wheels). To get much beyond 200 HP you need a full exhaust and our RoadsterSport Max Power Header. Kit originally designed for 2006-2008 version of the MX5 and owners of 2009+ will need the plastic intake tube that connects the airbox to the throttle body WITHOUT the air snorkel connection, or you can add our MotoEast Intake and plum the PVC valve.

Fun Customer Comparison Video against normally aspirated MX5, Courtesy of Adam Daily:

AUTOCROSS XP Class Video, Top Time of Day in our 2007 with this blower and our full RoadsterSport exhaust setup, plus our Ohlins Race Coilovers, Progress Sways, Koyo Radiator, Carbon/Carbon Clutch, Fender Flares, Enkei 18x10.5 PF01 wheels, Hoosier 285/30/18 tires.

And another with camera on back deck area.

DYNO, this was our second dyno way back in 2008, our calibrations are MUCH improved all these years later but even back then we did 262 Horsepower! We later did 266 with just calibration improvements. Add E85 and you can do over 300 at the wheels. Note this car has our RoadsterSport Ceramic Coated Max Power Header, RoadsterSport Midpipe, RoadsterSport Q Exhaust, without the highflow exhaust expect an otherwise stock MX5 to get about 200 at the wheels with this kit.

UPDATE 2015. We still sell and ship these kits daily and decided it was time to update our 7 year old installation of the very FIRST MP62 kit that ever existed, personally delivered to us by Cosworth in 2007 and installed on our Project car. We have beat on this car at race events for 7 years so it was time for an update and we added MotoEast's intake for this blower (available here on our site) and changed to E85 fuel and had MotoEast Mike update the tune. Cooling upgrades to support 300 hp include our upgraded heat exchanger for the supercharger, triple pass radiator and singular hood vents. Result is OVER 300 HP at the wheels on our built motor 2007 (including our Cosworth Pistons, Cams, Rods). It shows the massive potential of this kit that even the original install with over 7 years of racing can do over 300 hp at the wheels with some updates and E85 fuel.

What does it sound like on the DYNO making over 300 hp using the super highflow MotoEast Intake, click the YOUTUBE video below to find out!

And with that 308 HP we went to the Miatas at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca all Miata event for 2015 and finished Top of the Time Sheets both Days! You want a fast Miata? We can help!

Down the Front Straight of Laguna Seca in a Quick 10 Seconds!

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Just wanted to thank you guys for the great stuff and great work done on my MX5 club yesterday. I could feel the difference in sound and performance right away! It drives and corners awesome now. Can't wait to tell my friends about you guys. I'll be keeping an eye on your web site for other goodies and events as well. Can't wait to try my new suspension out on a auto cross. Will definitely be trying it on some twisty roads this weekend. Just can't wipe that smile off my face when driving this car. Thanks again guys!

-- Paul Young

I absolutely love my Roadster Sport headers, mid pipe and Q muffler. I have owned a lot of cars over the years and the quality of your product is truly exceptional. The ability to tune the Super Q is very much appreciated.

-- Tony G.

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