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GWR 36/58 Performance Shorter Bump Stop Kit


For Lowered MX-5s

Miata MX5 2016-2019 · Suspension · Shocks

Part Number: 61-0792ND

Application: 2016-2019

Price: $76.00


GWR 36/58 Performance Shorter Bump Stop Kit
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If you're changing your springs and/or shocks, this is the right time to upgrade your bumpstops while you're in there to improve suspension travel and comfort while maximizing grip and performance. Sets are for all (4) corners, combining higher than stock densities front and rear to achieve proper neutral handling for your car.

Makes an SCCA CS car faster.

Same part fits cars with factory shocks, Bilsteins, or Konis.

Front 36mm
Rear 58mm

Your OEM bumpstops are soft and long. When you lower the car you risk riding on those stops all the time. You have three choices, option one is leave stock stops original and if you lower much you ride them all the time (car lacks free travel). Option two is trim stock stops one inch which improves free travel on lowered car but soft material remaining doesn't do the best job of stopping motion once into the stops. Option three is these stops, which are about an inch shorter than stock and higher density to better match upgraded spring rates...with ideal result that you spend less time on the stops and when you get into these stops they do a better job of cushioning because they don't reach full compression near as easily as the spongy originals.

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I red'all the parts in the order I placed and installed them in my car yesterday. I am beyond happy. The install went without a hitch. The results were fantastic. The new brakes track straight, make no noise, and stop the car authoritatively. The new rotors look pretty cool, which we all know isn't all that important, but having 6 women offer to bear your children, because your car looks SO cool is a good problem to have. Thank for great products and service.

-- Chaz C.

Wow. That is really fast service on the shift knob. Thnx

-- Scott

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