CSF #7015 NC Miata MX5 Performance Radiator for MX5
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CSF #7015 NC Miata MX5 Performance Radiator


PART NUMBER: 61-1519


Reg. Price: $436.00

Sale Price: $349.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $436.00

Sale Price: $349.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Using more and more of these new CSF radiators in our installs here, consistently impressed with with both fit and finish, including first rate quality on the welds and complete brackets. Core thickness of 32mm, header thickness 37mm, an awesome upgrade over the tiny stock radiator. A great upgrade for our hard charging drivers, and anybody going to the track or really hot locations.

~Military Grade (special clad) aluminum used for tubes, fins, fitments, and side brackets (JIS 3003 spec minumum)
~ "B-Tube" Technology - Most efficient tube in the world
~ High Efficiency Louvered Fin
~ OE radial and deep drawn aluminum endtanks
~ Wind tunnel tested for optimal radiator core cooling performance
~ Stronger joint design for mountings, fan shrouds and condensers
~ OE Specific Mounting
~ "Drop-in" fitment requiring no modifications
~ CNC Machined brackets and fittings
~ Racing Style all-aluminum drain plug

~ Brazed in CAB Furnace
~ ISO 9001/9002 certification
~ Privately owned factories with full "In house" toolrooms
~ "Master Class" TIG welding

~ Individually leak tested
~ Vibration cycle tested
~ Thermal cycle tested
~ Burst pressure cycle tested 10,000 times for strength
~ Salt spray tested for corrosion protection
~ 10 foot box "drop test" to ensure packaging protection

~ 30 minute, hand polished "Sho-Stopper mirror finish"

~ Application specific foam packaging
~ Industry leading, shock resistant 5-ply box

~ Over 45+ years in business
~ Over 500,000 radiators and condensers sold every year
~ Over 35 million radiators sold worldwide
~ Over 10 world's first exclusive applications

"B-Tube" technology - Unlike a regular oval shape "O" type radiator tube, CSF uses a specially engineered tube in a shape of a "B". These "B-tubes" are carefully formed and then brazed over the seam to seal. CSF is able to use thinner and lighter aluminum material (better cooling efficiency) because this design is actually stronger than normal "O" shape tubes that are welded.

The design (inlet in the middle of tube that is seam brazed) increases the heat transfer surface area of the tube by approximately 15% over regular tubes. You get the efficiency of 2 smaller tubes vs. 1 large tube within the same space criteria. With "B-tubes" you are able to get "dual liquid laminar flow."

The tubes are made from aircraft grade special clad aluminum and are intricately formed on our high precision 6-stage tubeforming mill. No other aftermarket radiator manufacturer uses this technology. This technology raises the bar and sets the standard for high performance radiator cores.

Brian's Application Notes: Though we continue to be big KOYO fans here, we recently tried an NC application CSF here for a customer 2.5 motor conversion and were so impressed with both fit and finish, including first rate quality on the welds and complete brackets, that we decided we must offer these to all our customers.

INSTALLATION NOTE: Do not try to re-use the factory spring clamps that hold the hoses on the radiator. Those clamps wear out over time, and the nipples on aftermarket radiators can have tiny variations in diameter from the factory ports, so you don't get adequate clamping with the factory spring clamps. We recommend changing those clamps out for worm clamps, which you can get from any auto parts store. This ensures you can tighten the hose down appropriately and have no leaks. MUST check clearance to condenser, factory condenser installs not real consistent and you want to make sure nothing will rub a hole in the new radiator, bend consendser brackets for clearance as needed.

Will install in automatic trans Miatas but lacks the transmission cooling line, so plan to add a simple Hayden trans cooler that typically runs about $20.


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Customer Reviews

CSF #7015 NC Miata MX5 Performance Radiator

this is great add-on to Miata cooling system. In average it drops coolant temperature about 10F. Perfect fit for my Miata, no cut or drilling needed. Super easy to install. I could bend OEM radiator into half using my hand, and the fins get nudged with my finger tips. That's how flimsy OEM radiator is. The CSF radiator is twice thicker than OEM radiator. The fins are a lot stronger than OEM. Weight difference is negligible. Because of the size, it takes little more coolant, and takes little longer to burp the system. I suggest CSF radiator to every Miata owners.

This radiator is phenomenal. The build quality, and quality control is top notch. In 100+F weather, my car never goes above 197-198. Even at idle it never goes past 200. Highway temp is also always at 195 or 190, even with aggressive acceleration. This radiator so far has really helped keep temps down in blazing hot Texas summer heat. I highly recommend this unit over the OEM unit, as the all-aluminum design is a huge bang for your buck and will far outlast the OEM one. Plus, it's a really great option going forward as it will be a great stepping stone for if you are going to autox or have a super/turbocharged daily. It feels good knowing I'll never have to stress about temps again for a very, very long time. And if I have my car then, I will leave another review stating how long this radiator lasted (which I'm sure will be a lifetime as long as there's no damage *knock on wood*).

I purchased this for my supercharged 2.5 back in October 2017, but only completed the installation earlier this month (July 2018). While I wouldn't consider the installation particularly difficult, it IS definitely challenging. You have to be very methodical, as there are a lot of small steps that CANNOT be skipped.

Prior to installing this radiator, it was not uncommon for temps to creep up above 220F while sitting in traffic, at approximately 90°F ambient temperatures. Best case scenario while driving, temps would hover around 205°-210°. The stock cooling system was NOT happy, and barely adequate.

Since installing this rad, the highest temperature achieved has been 214° while sitting in traffic, before the fan kicked on. Once the fan switches on, the temps immediately drop to around 205°F-208°F. What's more impressive is how significantly, and how quickly, temps drop once the vehicle is in motion: 199°-201° around town, while 190°-195° is the norm for highway driving... and this is with 95° ambient temperatures and good ol' Texas humidity!

My only "complaint", if you will, is that the radiator is almost too beautiful. It's a shame you really can't see it once it's installed.

Overall, I'm VERY impressed.

So, I live in Texas and decided to supercharge my car. Now everything I have read said no issues with stock cooling at my power levels. Well I am going to go ahead and say not so quick. When it was dipping into the low 100's my temps were easing up around 225 which took my transmission temps with them. I was regularly at 217 and up as the transmission temps would escalate with the water temps but then not recover and come back down. Even in the 80's here my car ran around 217 or so with just regular driving. So I installed the CSF and a transmission cooler separate. It was 95 today and high humidity and my car just laughed at the heat. The highest coolant temp I saw was 211, and the fans had just fired on. It would drop right back to 190 or lower depending on where I was and how I was driving. Helped my tranny temps a lot also as the highest I have seen is 205. Brian should put together a kit for the auto guys and sell it that includes a front tranny cooler. I was worried I would block to much radiator but this has not been a problem.

Outstanding quality and drop in fit. I wanted additional cooling to go with the supercharger install and this looked to be the best option out there. The shop was impressed with the quality and ease of installation.

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