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Goodwin Racing Ultralight Front 4 Piston Caliper Upgrade


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Part Number: 61-1721F

Application: 2017-2019

Price: $549.00

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Goodwin Racing Ultralight Front 4 Piston Caliper Upgrade
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Get Four Piston High Tech Aluminum Caliper performance on your ND Gen Miata with a MUCH lower price tag, even lower weight for better ride quality, and better replacement costs! Fits over your factory 11" front rotors! Better wheel clearance than factory AND Brembo calipers.

RIGID and ultra light 4-piston caliper for improved braking response over the standard single piston OEM brake calipers, reduced unsprung mass, wider pad selection, better looks and MORE FUN.

*** The front calipers in this kit use the 7812 pad shape. Type "7812" into the search box on the upper left of our site to see all our pad options for this caliper.***

Not all fancy red calipers are the same, piston size, pad size, and more all affect performance and longevity. Our caliper choice was made with great care to retain the superb braking balance.

Utilizes a Wilwood 4 piston caliper that is 4.7 lbs lighter than the factory caliper per corner (including brake pads). Additionally, our kit is more than 3 pounds lighter than the factory Brembo calipers. Combine this kit with our 2-piece drop-in replacement rotors and save over 8 lbs per corner for a massive improvement in ride quality (particularly nice benefit for those upgrading to stiffer suspensions for better handling).

GWR Exclusive
Our kit uses our own brackets designed in-house, CNC machined from the highest grade aluminum with steel thread inserts. These brackets are designed for superior strength and rigidity and feature our signature hard anodizing.

Our stainless steel braided lines are included as standard and they are the most durable and heavy duty lines on the market, custom made for us and featuring DOT fittings. Made to fit (too many competitors use general purpose lines to save cost and include lots of extra connectors to 'make it work' with the unnecessary risk of fluid leaks).

Upgrading your ND with our caliper package gives you access to the wide and familiar selection of performance brake pads that we have decades of experience with! Replacement pad costs for these calipers are also far more affordable than for the factory calipers. Kit includes BP20 pads which are great for street/light performance use and match very well with factory pads in the rear. If you would like to swap to a different pad for more aggressive use, just shoot us an email!

Comprehensive kit includes:
* Dynapro 4 piston calipers
* Mounting Brackets
* Stainless Steel brake lines
* All mounting hardware
* BP20 Street Performance Brake pads
* Wilwood high-temp brake fluid

Fitment Notes
YES you can fit a 15" wheel at the FRONT over this kit (which you cannot do with stock brakes). Fits all aftermarket 16" and 17" wheels that we sell here. Fits factory 17" BBS wheels with no spacer (those are made to clear multi piston optional Brembo calipers) and fits standard factory 17x7 wheels with slim 3mm spacer we include in the kit.

BRIAN's APPLICATION NOTES: From the picture below you can quickly see that Mazda believes that a caliper upgrade on this platform includes BIGGER pads with the optional Brembo pad at 8.1 square inches versus the standard front OEM at 6.2 inch area pads. We agree with Mazda that size does matter here, which is why we go bigger than stock with both our four and six piston choices! Our four piston choice is 6.4 square inches vs 6.2 for stock pads, and our Six Piston upgrade with 7.3 square inches is nearly 20% more area than stock pads and the best aftermarket analogy for what Mazda does with the Brembo option. More performance comes with bigger pads and pad life is also dependent on pad size. We include the tiny Powerlite Caliper pad at the top of the picture below because we are aware a competitor offers that little caliper as their 'upgrade' and we think you should see up front how that caliper's pad size is nearly 20% smaller than even standard factory ND front pads, and dwarfed by the pad size Mazda offers in the Brembo Calipers. So if you want the best aftermarket four piston conversion, it is our kit. And if you want to best match what the factory offers with the BIG BREMBO option see our SIX PISTON Caliper conversions.

Dust Boots
We occasionally get a call from someone asking if these calipers have dust boot seals because the factory calipers have them and so they assume this is a feature they need to be concerned about. Wilwood brake calipers, just like all racing brake calipers, do not use dust boots to seal the caliper pistons. This is intentional and done for several reasons, including the point that rubber dust boots can catch fire under extreme brake heat. The pistons fit tightly into the caliper so they seal without the need for rubber seals. In our decades of experience with thousands of Wilwood calipers this design has proven itself completely reliable. These calipers are suitable for road use in all climates and conditions as well as on the race track.

*** Product images may differ from actual product appearance ***


I received the Roadstersport II, and I wanted to compliment you guys on an awesome product. The Miata should have these on from the factory. They make a great sound, that is not obnoxious at all. The exhaust also installed seamlessly!!! I will buy all of my Miata stuff from you in the future. Thanks,

-- Nate

Wow. That is really fast service on the shift knob. Thnx

-- Scott

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