PAIR of Extended Lower Ball Joints for Miata
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PAIR of Extended Lower Ball Joints


NASA Spec Miata Approved!

PART NUMBER: 61-1853


Price: $120.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Price: $120.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Produced by Bauer Limited Production these ISO 9001 certified extended lower ball joints give you easy access to additional negative camber. Increases your available camber by -2* to -3* allowing a Miata with stock ride height to achieve -.5* to -3* of camber!

The extended lower ball joints will not slip like offset bushings and give you additional coilover spring to wheel clearance. Fits all 1990-2005 Mazda Miatas. Yes, SCCA legal for STR, STS, etc.

Includes new nuts and cotter pins for installation. Price is per PAIR.

Installation NOTES:
The threads on the rear tab of this ball joint where it connects to the control arm matches the factory threads - which is Metric M12x1.5. However, if your car has had the ball joints replaced at a previous point in its life with auto parts store units, some of those had different threading and therefore came with their own hardware to match those threads. For those cases, you'll need to source either a factory bolt or get new hardware from any hardware store in that factory size. If you still have your original ball joints, your hardware will be compatible. In some cases, you may need to run a tap through this threaded tab to clean the threads of the corrosion-resistant coating if the bolt is having trouble threading in.

As with all race parts with non-oem dimensions, it is up to the installer/owner to check that clearances in the suspension are OK after installation and make adjustments if necessary. Once these ball joints are installed and after re-setting the alignment we recommend checking your clearance between the shock and front upper control arm through the full range of motion of the suspension. Do this by removing the spring and then using a jack to compress the suspension.


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Customer Reviews

PAIR of Extended Lower Ball Joints

Let me start off with this... i had around 2-3 degrees of camber prior to installing these lower ball joints on. I work at a tire and alignment place so i'm able to change the settings as I please. I kept it around 2-3 only so i could preserve the amount caster that i wanted. After throwing these lower ball joints on and putting my car back on the alignment rack, i instantly gained over 1 degree of camber. I was in shock how perfect it was. I was at a little over 4 degrees of camber and still had a bit of wiggle room to play with on the adjustments. This is a simple solution for those wanting a bit more camber and a lot less of a hassle than getting aftermarket arms or the offset bushings. Whether you need the camber for your stance game or racing or drifting (what i'm using my car for) these work perfectly for what you need them to. Install is short and easy too!

Awesome part! Moves the ball joint out 6mm, giving you about 3 degrees more camber, or in my case, I didn't use all the camber adjustment and maxed out my caster.

Really helped with the tire contact patch!

Was able to install both sides, start to finish in 40 minutes using hand tools and a good ball joint separator, but expect longer if it's your first time.

Fits perfectly, nice bumb in caster and camber. Oem look which is nice.

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