RoadsterSport SuperStreet TwinTip for MX5-ND
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RoadsterSport SuperStreet TwinTip


Stainless Steel PREMIUM ADJUSTABLE SOUND MX5 Miata Exhaust

PART NUMBER: 61-1934


Reg. Price: $1,033.85

Sale Price: $899.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $1,033.85

Sale Price: $899.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


This is a modified version of our all helmholtz Super Street muffler that adds small chamber dual tip muffler to add lots more user control, four different sound settings with the included MIXING BAFFLE, over TEN different sound level and tone variations if you mix in the optional packed baffles available on this site. Nonetheless, this is a VERY aggressive muffler by design with roots in our RACE muffler, with the included mixing baffle fully inserted left (Driver's) side to bypass the final chamber this muffler becomes precisely the same layout and sound as the RACE muffler. Progressively back out the included Mixing Baffle to lower the frequency balance of the result and overall DB level.

UPDATE May 2017, we now include a Mixing baffle that effectively converts this muffler to same sound as the Race muffler when fully inserted driver's side tip, adding back in the higher frequencies the chamber would otherwise convert lower (to cover the costs of adding that blocking baffle we are ending the RoadsterSport script on the tips and deleting the less effective pair of cone baffles). Result is more effective control over tone and the balance of treble vs bass than any other choice, max upper frequency fun is mixing baffle fully inserted driver's side tip, back it out to the other positions to progressively shift frequency balance lower.

Separately on the site is a fiber packed long baffle that effectively converts this unit to same frequency balance as the SuperStreet Single Tip. Thus, now essentially THREE mufflers in one here, the Race with included Mixing baffle, the SuperStreet Single tip if you add packed long baffle (item 60-1325SSTT), or skip the long baffles and use standard length baffles in one or both tips (item 60-1324T) to keep the bass heavy frequency balance but lower the volume. Result is a 17 pound street muffler with MORE flexibility than all other choices.

You get the great look of the RoadsterSport rolled and polished twin tips, the clean flow of the shortest possible path from the midpipe to the exhaust tips to max your horsepower gains, unprecedented level of user adjustment...and minimal weight with these features.

Driver's side tip pathway is essentially a straight through and adding Mixing Baffle to driver's side tip progressively cuts off the chamber and massively lowers the bass notes and raises the upper frequency response, etc.

SHIPPING NOTE...ships factory direct to you. All POLISHED stainless steel construction. Uses stock hangers and connects to either our RoadsterSport midpipe or the stock midpipe.

Just one bolt under each tip to make the baffle easy change.

Proudly made in the USA...with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, emissions legal in all 50 states!

NOTE we have report this does NOT clear our harddog hidden hitch or Velox rear diffusser!

BRIAN'S APPLICATION NOTES: Mild when cruising on otherwise stock ND, delivering a classic sports car BARK and THROATY RUMBLE when you wind it out to redline, lots of fun burble when just playing with the throttle around town. Easily UNDER our local SCCA sound limits on otherwise stock Miata (our SCCA limit here is 93 db at 50 feet and even in the rain our testing found it easily under our strictly enforced sound limits). Also easily under the most strict 92db days at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca when used on otherwise stock ND. Result is TONS of fun, will make many of you laugh out loud. You also get the best performance from the straightest and cleanest flow out the exhaust cutout you can get, and much lower weight. Nonetheless, this choice is NOT for the faint of heart!!! The most common question we will get on this one is: "will it be too loud" and we cannot answer that one for you because the "right" sound level is a matter of entirely subjective personal preference.

Not designed for use on car with aftermarket header or aftermarket midpipe, designed for max fun on otherwise stock exhaust system. Adding header adds a massive amount of sound, thus we suggest customers considering adding a header should look to our SuperQ choices for best control of results with header change. The issue with using adjustable length midpipe with this ultra light three hanger design is that customers rarely get the adjustable length set correct and that can put too much stress on the connection between helmholtz chamber and straight pipe. So if you insist on adding midpipe with this design be careful to get length of midpipe accurate (hangers aligned nicely straight up and down for midpipe) and use thicker hanger from the rear to better support the bigger midpipe.


Installation of this Miata exhaust is SUPER EASY...just two 14mm bolts to loosen! When you open the big box you will find separate foam wrap on the exhaust tip, leave that foam around the tip during your install to protect the polished tips and your car's soft plastic in the exhaust cutout. Use gloves. Note the 'bolts' from the factory are actually studs with springs and nuts and the factory usually jams the nuts on so hard that unbolting it will bring the stud out too. If that does not happen then use 13mm long socket to unscrew the studs (or use jam nut technique where both nuts are put on one stud against each other and then wrench used on the inner of the two to back out the stud). Then lube up the stock exhaust hangers with dish soap and yank stock muffler back and forth to work the soap into the rubber hangers and then the muffler will slide off those rubber hangers easily. Then hang the new muffler on the wet and soapy rubber hangers and torque 'bolts' with the springs back in place to 30ft/lbs. Now you can remove foam tip wrap. Option to remove the baffle too, to do so loosen bolt that holds it from under the exhaust tip and use it as handle to shake the baffle loose and then unscrew bolt the rest of the way and pull the baffle (pulling baffle raises the sound slightly, I like the included mixing baffle fully inserted driver's side tip or one step back from full deep). IF not removing baffle, check torque on the retaining nut, 15 ft/lbs is enough thanks to lock washer included. Note the muffler to midpipe joint is a ball socket connection for the first time on a Miata, it is designed to move a lot, so please do not add sealants that will gum up that dry ball socket joint. Our pipe size is bigger than OEM for best performance/flow and the stock donut gasket sinks a bit deeper into the mouth of our setup than with factory muffler 'mouth'. Note that our flange at entrance to muffler is designed as a dual purpose item that allows going to flat gasket if you later go with our 2.5 inch midpipe, at which point the midpipe has a flex joint to replace function of the donut and you get a clean 2.5 inches of flow all the way, which is not possible if we stay same small pipe of stock muffler. After install hold you hands about 2 inches from gasket connection with car running to check if you feel 'puff puff puff' indication of leak against your hands, if you do check your install or replace the factory gasket (our item 61-2144, factory part number RFK2-40-581 ).



Dyno Results! From Grassroots MotorSports Magazine's testing, 8 hp from just a muffler on ND1...when the muffler is a straight pipe design like RoadsterSport Race and SuperStreet Single Tip and SuperStreet Twin Tip.



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport SuperStreet TwinTip

Installation was even easier than expected (coming from a novice), and the sound is perfect whether the car is modified or not. Back when it was bone stock I just wanted something that would make my car a little louder without being obnoxious, and this was absolutely perfect. The sound really matches the look and overall vibe of the car. Almost 2 years later I'm still loving the superstreet TT the way I did that first day I installed it

Install was a snap. Didn't even raise the car and had the entire job done in 20 minutes. Simple Green works amazingly well on the hangers. The exhaust system itself is of very high quality, and it looks great on the car. No more skinny cheap looking exhaust tips. The sound is also great. I started with no baffle and found I prefer the sound with the baffle at the middle hole on the driver side. With no baffle it is a little bass boomy for my taste. Overall, this upgrade is one I would call a no-brainer. I also removed the sound tube. Also a no brainer upgrade. I smile every time I start the car.

Simple install and great sound. Love the options for different sounds and looks great!

Awesome product. The installation was almost too easy. I used ramps to elevate the rear of the car, but the job could be done without them. The exhaust note is perfect. Many years ago I put an Abarth exhaust on my 1966 MGB and dearly loved the sound of that pipe. The Roadstersport Superstreet Twintip reminds me of the the exhaust note I obtained with that early Italian system. So far I haven't experimented with the driver's side baffle, and I may not as I really love the sound just as it is. This is my second Roadstersport exhaust--the first was installed on my 2003 NB Miata LS (given to my grandson), and I have to admit that this exhaust was not only easier to install, it sounds much better. The Helmholtz chamber makes a significant difference. Where the earlier exhaust droned at highway speeds, this system does not. It just sounds amazing.

After extensive research I decided on this system for my 2021 Miata RF GT. The fact that it was adjustable was the main reason. After the installation I drove it for a few days without the baffle. I thought it had too much bass. Installing the baffle on the passenger side did not make much of a difference so I inserted it on the driver side. That made a significant difference. The result was much less bass and a "sharper" sound when accelerating. Really pleased with the results. Highly recommended mod for your Miata if you are not into the quiet stock exhaust.

Installed the beast tonight. Easy install but I could not get the nuts off the studs. Anyways installed, no leaks. This thing sounds awesome. I am 54, is it loud, well when you rev it hard sure a little, but it is awesome. I have the sport package so I want some grunt from the exhaust. This delivers it. I took the baffle out to remove the high notes.

Buy THIS one! I was torn between the Super Q (quieter) and this model (Super Street). I was worried by the product description terms such as 'aggressive' and 'bark' that this selection would be too rowdy for suburban living. The tones and volume of the Super Street are absolutely perfect! Warm and rich, not loud at all - even with the baffle fully removed. For such a modest HP gain, as promised, this system upgrade really woke up my car: great responsiveness and a new seat-of-the-pants kick.

Love the sound especially with the baffle out. Will definitely be buying more mods from them.

No drone when driving on the highway. It is slightly loud at starting when cold, then settles down to quiet purr when the engine is warmed up. Great low sound rubble when taking off at a traffic light change, as heard from inside the car with the top down. It does sound great with the top down, but when the top is up the sound is not obtrusive, or objectionable. The twin tips are a little longer than what the photo shows in the catalog, but not bad looking.. so I do not mind, I really like how they look. I have not played with the baffle to see how the sound can change. This is an improvement on the stock muffler, and I believe the stock muffler is not all that bad in comparison.

Easy installation and great look. The sound is subtle and very "British Sports Car'ish" which was my hope.

Couldn't decide between this and the super Q. Extremely happy with the supersport. It sounds amazing!

This was very easy to install and can be done even without raising the car. The sound is great and is much better than the factory exhaust. I am very happy overall. The exhaust is not too loud when cruising with the top up on the highway but has a great tone when you get into the throttle.

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