RoadsterSport DUAL Hood Lift Kit for MX5 2006-2015, all
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RoadsterSport DUAL Hood Lift Kit

2006-2015 · all

TWIN Shock Design

PART NUMBER: 61-1959


Reg. Price: $89.00

Sale Price: $79.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $89.00

Sale Price: $79.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


No more fumbling with a hood prop or spare jack handle at the track. Our double hydraulic lift gently raises your hood - hands free. Installation requires no drilling or riveting on your hood and is completely reversible.

The RoadsterSport hood lift kit ships ready to install and includes all necessary hardware. Detailed instructions can be found in our forums.



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport DUAL Hood Lift Kit

This was a very easy upgrade to do. Works like a charm. Hardest part of the whole install was the removal of the old prop rod. Actually took longer to remove that than install the kit.
Would recommend this to everyone.

Install was super easy, even with having to clearance the driver side cowl. My only complaint is that you can't lift the hood more than about a foot before having to wait for the lifts to do it themselves. If you try to lift it yourself, you'll bend the bracket on the hood end of the shock. That said, they're definitely miles better than fumbling with a hot hood rod.

An absolute breeze to install. Only took me 10 to 15 minutes. Works flawlessly so far. Only installed it a few weeks ago if anything changes or I have problems I will update this review. So far I'm very satisfied.

I installed this kit on my 07 MX5. It took only 10 minutes. It works great and looks great. My car is supercharged and there are hoses and an oil can back in one corner where the right strut goes so I was a little worries about interference. The inner shaft on that side slid by it by a half inch. Everything cleared the cowl edge materials also. In short it fit perfect and works great thanks.

Functional product
Easy to install.
I have found that the brackets are soft and the struts open the hood slowly so don't force the hood open too quickly or you will bend the brackets. Other than that they serve their purpose well.

I love this thing!! Easy to install and makes me look good! Works great! Best money I've ever spent. Thank you!!

Absolutely a breeze to install. I like that I did not have to drill for the installation of this kit. Struts hold the hood up perfectly. I was concerned about the hood bending where the strut bracket bolted to the top hood bolt but these have the correct tension for this application. The entire install time was an honest 10 minutes. I highly recommend this for anyone who does regular maintenance on the Mx-5 that require you to lift the hood.

61-1959 RoadsterSport DUAL Hood Lift Kit Works like a charm. Very easy to install.

This is a feature I didn't need but, I wanted to add. I'm not currently tracking or auto-xing the NC so, adding the weight didn't bother me. I like not having the hood bar in the way for the regular inspection and maintenance. The only issue I had was the bracket of the hood end (both sides) contact the cowl (just in front of the gasket) and it lifted the plastic up a little when opening. I used a round file to notch the plastic about 2-3 mm to stop the catching. Its possible that the bracket would eventually wear a groove in the plastic but, I was concerned the plastic might crack so, I took matters into my own hands. The NC will become my daily driver in a couple of months and this is a nice addition to a GT.

YOooo this is the jazz right here fellas 5/5!!!! however I'm wasn't really happy with the price due to Moss Miata having the same one for 40 dollars cheaper but they only offer one strut as a "hood lift kit" but this comes with two so I know I feel a little more secure with this product purchase! I've seen complaints about not having instructions well maybe you need to ask an adult to hold your hand and have them install it cause this is super easy if you can't figure it out sell your car. lol jk ... I was skeptical at first but I figured it out after taking a few dabs (tehe) but also if you don't want to look in the forms I made a short video on how to install THIS VERY KIT RIGHT HERE!

also gave a shout out to gooodwin on the tube (COUGH product placement, hmmmmmm??????!)

if this link doesn't work; look on youtube under my account name "zchsomething" or just copy and paste "Roadster Sport DUAL hood lift kit" the video will appear


RoadsterSport DUAL Hood Lift Kit

I went to a car show and saw a Miata with the hood up and there it was, the hood lift kit.
This little mod makes so much sense, I never really liked the factory hood rod.
The single rod located just about center of engine bay seemed to always be in the way.

I installed the GWR aluminum coolant tank and working around that single hood rod to me was a bit of a danger should I bump into the rod knocking it free, the hood could come down on my head, even with the hood up like at that car show, a strong wind could lift the hood up just a little more and come unattached from the rod and fall.
This should have been included on the car from the factory, my trunk has a set of trunk lifts from the factory, they work well.

Installation was so simple, as noted by another Miata owner, it took him longer to remove the single hood prop than to install the dual lift kit, ha,ha, well it is not that quick of an installation but it is well under a half an hour.
All the hardware you need comes with this well thought out kit. It does require you to replace factory fender bolts, one on each front fender with supplied kit bolts. I placed the two stock bolts in a baggie, marked what they are and put them in the glove box.

Now when I pop the hood, I let the lift kit do its job, and the hood slowly raises.
No more hood support rod in the way.

Yes, I'd say this kit was worth purchasing.

Needed a second kit for the second NC. This kit is a must have for these cars!

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