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Racing Beat Aluminum Flywheel 1.6L 51452


Miata 1990-2005 · Clutch-Flywheel-Drivetrain

Part Number: 61-2027

Application: 1990-1992

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Racing Beat Aluminum Flywheel 1.6L 51452
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Engineered and designed by Racing Beat, this Miata Aluminum Flywheel for the 1990-93 Miata 1.6 ltr engine noticeably improves acceleration in the lower gears and makes shifting smoother by reducing the flywheel inertia by roughly half. The flywheel has a heat-treated, and replaceable steel friction surface for long life, and the ring gear is bolted in place for added security.

Racers have long recognized the benefits of a lighter weight flywheel - a faster revving and more responsive engine. The reduced mass of a lightened flywheel allows the engine to transfer more energy to the drive train, while expending less energy on bringing a heaver steel flywheel up to speed. This allows for a quicker revving engine, and notable ease with matching engine revs to gear selection. However, the installation of a lightened flywheel is not only for autocross or racing applications, many Miata owners find these very suitable for everyday street use.

In fact, many Miata owners are surprised just how much of a difference the installation of a lightweight flywheel will provide for their overall driving experience. As written by one satisfied customer, "Installation of this piece made the single largest improvement I've experienced of all my upgrades. (catback, clutch, intake, etc..) Throttle response is greatly increased, as is passing speed." Another Miata enthusiast noted, "I noticed was how much better shifts felt; the revs really drop FAST, making quick shifts MUCH more smooth."

As noted above, a lightweight aluminum flywheel is considered a high performance or racing part, but Racing Beat flywheels are well-suited for street use. Only a slight adjustment of your clutch engagement "technique" is required to master the art of driving with this flywheel. Since there is less inertia with a lightweight flywheel, many people modify their engagement technique by raising the engine RPM slightly, and engaging the clutch just a bit more quickly. After just a few tries most people can master this technique. Combine this flywheel with an upgraded pressure plate and clutch disc for the ultimate combination.

Flywheel weight for the 1990-93 Miata is reduced from roughly 18 pounds to approximately 8 pounds. These flywheels directly interchange with all Mazda stock clutch parts. Note: This Mazda OEM Miata flywheel pilot bearing is not compatible with the Racing Beat-manufactured Aluminum Flywheels. The correct Part Number for the Racing Beat Flywheel pilot bearing is P/N 95299.

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Thanks for making this work and providing great customer service! I had a full weekend with the install, but man was it worth it. The flywheel was such a good choice. I can't believe how much easier rev-matching down shifts are. The ACT is surprisingly easy to live with, even with the engagement point very low. I'll tackle that when it stops raining. Thanks again for making this happen this weekend.

-- Brian H

I have to say that your website is one of the cleanest, most functional and easy to use. There are a lot of independent part sellers that have horrible websites and it was a joy to use yours and even explore the customer car gallery and the good win build page. Thank you for a great experience.

-- Matt C.

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