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Blackbird Fabworx Vinyl Interior Panel Covers


Fiat 124 2017-2018 · Roll-Bars

Part Number: 61-2122

Application: 2017-2018

Price: $95.00


Blackbird Fabworx Vinyl Interior Panel Covers
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These covers fit snug to the Blackbird Fabworx roll bar where the bar passes through the plastic interior panels behind the seats to cover the holes cut in the plastic for a nice and clean finished appearance.

Pictured are the prototypes, the production covers were further optimized cleaning up the design even further to create a more seamless look.

Attaches with velcro which is included.

*** Product images may differ from actual product appearance ***


I received the Roadstersport II, and I wanted to compliment you guys on an awesome product. The Miata should have these on from the factory. They make a great sound, that is not obnoxious at all. The exhaust also installed seamlessly!!! I will buy all of my Miata stuff from you in the future. Thanks,

-- Nate

Brian, Thank you!!! We last spoke in November about some upgrades for my 2011 MX5 soft top. It has finally warmed up in NE Ohio and two relaxed weekends of wrenching on my car were well worth the effort. Installation of the RoadsterSport ceramic coated street header was straight forward and took under 8 hours, including a 40 minute test drive and cleanup of the garage! Combined with the RoadsterSport Q exhaust, the sound is fantastic and the increased torque, horsepower and performance make it a blast to drive. The addition of the Cobalt shock tower brace, Racing Beat sway bars, ILM front power train and X braces really enhanced the ride - minimal body roll, comfortable and very responsive. Your recommendations really helped transform the car from great to fantastic. Your research, product development and candid recommendations make you a standout in the industry. My only questions are - what's next on my list .... And how soon will my wife want the same upgrades on her 2012 PRHT ... Again, thank you!!! Charles G

-- Charles