RoadsterSport ND Sway Bar Combo for Fiat-124
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RoadsterSport ND Sway Bar Combo


Second Generation Kit

PART NUMBER: 61-2123



Reg. Price: $299.00

Sale Price: $229.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $299.00

Sale Price: $229.00



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


The BEST DEAL in Sways ANYWHERE! Our RoadsterSport Sway Bar Kit is the perfect sway bar match for the daily driver at a price that no other sway combo can match with these features. Pairs great with our Progress or RoadsterSport springs for the road or light track duty.

Included In Each Kit:
*Front Sway Bar: 27mm OD / 3.6mm wall, 3 adjustments
*Rear Sway Bar: 16mm solid, 3 adjustments
*Locating Collars other kits near this price lack!
*Bushings and Brackets

BRIAN's APPLICATION NOTES: Our Progress Bars are for the Track/Autocross and hardcore canyon carvers, these are high value and balanced choice for daily drivers. Three adjustment holes front and rear for LOTS of adjustment potential with bar rates that make a big difference over stock without going full race stiff. All hardware included with stoppers (lacking in all other kits near this price), grease, making a complete setup at a great price! The BEST choice for casual daily drivers seeking to make the car more flat and fun in the turns.

Endlinks? Stock links are fine at stock height. When you change to a stiffer sway bar AND you lower your MX5 you likely want adjustable endlinks for best geometry (bar ends level as possible). Thus, those lowering the Miata see RoadsterSport Endlinks, item 61-1795ND.

See our forum for installation methods/tips for ND sway bars.

Second Generation kit includes a number of small tweaks to our original design to further improve geometry and installation ease.



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport ND Sway Bar Combo

These sway bars are awesome and flatten my car in the curves, like I hoped they would! I did the install on my own, in my garage, using jack stands, while following a competitor’s video. (This competitor’s video is the best one out there, IMO, and seems like it’s the easiest way)
Something I learned along the way... the rear 10mm bolt that holds the coolant crossover pipe onto the subframe is a B@&$H! to get out and reinstalled and was the hardest part of the installation, for me. I did figure out a way to make that task much easier. Under the hood, on the passenger side of the engine compartment, there are two 10mm bolts holding the a/c hard lines in place. If you remove both of those bolts, if gives you enough room to move those lines just enough that it exposes that rear bolt and it’s much easier to remove/reinstall. That should be the first thing you do before getting the car off the ground to do the underneath work. It will save you a bunch of cuts and scrapes on your arms (and a lot of cussing and throwing tools in the process)! I hope this helps!

10/10 - Install was done at home with jacks and basic hand tools. No lift needed.

10/10 - Night and Day difference in handling. Took a local 270 degree on-ramp 10mph higher than stock. (Only for testing, zero traffic, no racing). Went from shotgun to rifle.

10/10 - Build quality is excellent, finish is superb.

10/10 - Adjustability on the fly. Inner holes tighten car so well, while outer holes provide smooth comfort while remaining stiff.

Unless you like body roll, I would highly recommend this upgrade ASAP.

The bars change the car's ride drastically - there is virtually no body roll with the bars set in the middle position. I love that I can fly through the corners with more confidence now, but understand why Mazda left the factory set up with so much roll. On a day to day basis, it is more fun to flirt with the edge of the car's capabilities. With these bars, it is much less dramatic and the car feels instantly capable. Much more confidence inspiring, but at the expense of fun. It all depends on what you want!

I'll likely end up swapping to the end position to get some of that happy-go-lucky-ness back into my daily driver, and swap back to the middle position for more serious weekend canyon carving. Having this adjustability within reach (should only take ~20 minutes to get the car on ramps and swap front and rear positions) is priceless!

Now for my one complaint - the included lube is complete garbage. These bars squeak like crazy using it. Immediately when I got home I noticed it in my parking garage at ~5 mph. Any turn or slight bump makes them creak beyond belief. At first I questioned if I had left a nut or bolt undone until I read another reviewer's comments. Definitely find and use higher quality grease before installing!

I installed these at Gearheads in Oceanside, CA - the only DIY garage I could find in my area. I'd highly recommend getting the car up on a lift for the front sway bar installation. Can't imagine trying to do this on jack stands. There are excellent installation videos by a competitor (*cough, cough* Flyin Miata) on YouTube - their method does not require removing the battery tray and fan shroud, or dropping the front subframe. To get enough space/flexibility, they advise removing the lower and middle radiator mounts. This method worked for me! Be sure to have some soapy water on hand to help squeeze the bushings between the subframe and the body.

Overall very happy with this purchase, especially for the price!

Installed using all of the lube provided. It was a creaking, squeaking mess when I was finished and went on the shakedown drive. Either GWR did not provide enough lube, it was poor quality, or a combination of the two. I ordered a small tub of SuperLube (with PTFE), pulled the bushings, filled them up, installed, and all is well now.

Wish I would have read other's issues prior to first install. I hate to do the same work twice! Head this warning: Lube, lube, lube. Below is a link to what I used:

I utilized a procedure I found on that did not require dropping the subframe for the front sway bar. Take your time, and it will go well. Rear sway bar is a piece of cake.

I installed the roadstersport sway bars myself. This did exactly what I hoped for, making the miata run much flatter in turns but still retained the great ride quality. Loving life with the new sway bars and super Q exhaust. Well done GWR and thank you Brian for the customer support on both installs. Awesome!

These were not nearly as difficult to install as described and even if they were, the benefits are well worth the effort. These absolutely end the body roll without adding a harsher ride in the process. This is how the car should have been from the factory. If you only do one thing to improve your ND, this is a must.

What a difference in the feel of the car! I always felt unsure going around corners with the extreme roll of the stock ND. Not anymore since I installed this RoadsterSport Sway Bar Combo set. I couldn't believe how much these sway bars transformed our car. Worth every penny and I don't know why Mazda didn't put these in to begin with. I installed myself on jacks in the driveway with hand tools. Perfect for daily driver that likes to have fun driving on the curvy roads of NC. I would give 6 stars for this if I could. Best bang for the buck on cornering stability!!

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