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V8R LFX Fluidyne Radiator


Miata 1990-2005 · Engine

Part Number: 61-2138

Application: 1990-2005

No Longer Available
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V8R LFX Fluidyne Radiator
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A system designed specifically for the LFX using the same core as V8R's LSx radiator and designed to work with factory fans.

The T-3x core is a new FLUIDYNE design which was developed to provide the maximum amount of heat rejection in applications with less than 400 sq. inches of core surface available and where core depth is critical.

The T-3x core is a triple-row core, constructed with a high performance 5mm air fin in lieu of the traditional 7-8mm air fin and 5/8" flat tube. The 5mm air fin allows them to pack additional rows of water tube in each core, essentially providing the cooling performance of a 20% larger core area.

This new core [called the Slimline core] with new Slimline 5/8" tube, measures only 2 inches in overall depth. Saving up to 2and#8243; of clearance over standard conversion radiators.

Additionally, the Slimline core is capable of handling significantly higher internal water pressure than traditional radiators with 1" or 1.25" water tubes. The Slimline core is rated at 40 PSI burst pressure so installation of a high pressure radiator cap [28-32 PSI] is recommended which will increase the boiling point of the radiator water from 212 degrees to 230 degrees.

The radiator is a match to a GM pressure bottle/reservoir to work in the same fashion as the Camaro and be the highest point in the cooling system.

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I have to say that your website is one of the cleanest, most functional and easy to use. There are a lot of independent part sellers that have horrible websites and it was a joy to use yours and even explore the customer car gallery and the good win build page. Thank you for a great experience.

-- Matt C.

Just wanted to thank you guys for the great stuff and great work done on my MX5 club yesterday. I could feel the difference in sound and performance right away! It drives and corners awesome now. Can't wait to tell my friends about you guys. I'll be keeping an eye on your web site for other goodies and events as well. Can't wait to try my new suspension out on a auto cross. Will definitely be trying it on some twisty roads this weekend. Just can't wipe that smile off my face when driving this car. Thanks again guys!

-- Paul Young

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