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StopTech BIG BRAKE KIT with Floating Rotors


1.8L SPORT Size

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Part Number: 61-2189

Application: 1990-2005

Price: $1,249.00


StopTech BIG BRAKE KIT with Floating Rotors
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NEW 11" Big Brake Kit by Stoptech for the 94-05 Miata. This kit has calipers with piston sizes specifically chosen to balance with the Miata's 1.8L SPORT rear brake size. If you have non-sport brakes, pair this kit with our Stoptech/Centric 1.8L Sport rear brake kit for maximum performance.

Kit include necessary brackets, hardware and brake lines to complete installation.

Caliper - Forged/Anodized ST42 with 36/38mm pistons 

StopTech 2-piece calipers have the lowest amount of flex and deflection among 25 of the leading caliper models (including some monoblocks) from well-known manufacturers. This is accomplished using the StopTech patented bolt-in bridge, which is strong enough to stop distortion without sacrificing cooling through the top of the caliper.

Rotors - 11" Slotted 2-piece Floating Rotors

StopTech Pillar Vane Brake Rotors are engineered to provide superior strength while reducing rotor weight and running cooler. The diamond shaped pillars provide brake pad surface stability as well as reduced rotating weight over rotors of similar strength. Airflow is also improved over straight vane rotors, allowing quick heat dissipation that results in greatly reduced fade.

Floating Rotors: High grip cars have the ability to generate enough lateral grip to flex the knuckle or upright. As the upright flexes, the rotor pushes the piston back into the caliper. The next time the brakes are applied, extra pedal travel is needed to compensate for the piston, "knockback". The floating rotor will "take up" some of that knockback, reducing the effect. This kit is first and foremost a track-focused high performance BBK, and in our testing the floating rotor is a crucial part of this brake system. HOWEVER, please note that floating rotors can produce some "clicking" and other noises during street use. 

Installation note: The floating rotors ship pre-assembled. When you rotors from the packaging, you will notice the rotor appears to be loose and can move independently from the mounting hat. The hardware is not loose, this is normal. Do not attempt to over-tighten the hardware that fastens the hat to the rotor.


Kit ships with Stoptech 309 compound pads. These are a "triple duty" performance street pad and can be used for street, autocross and LIGHT track duty. Pairs well with a street pad in the rear such as the Porterfield R4S. Race pads can be substituted upon request.

Stoptech's BBK with floating rotors was used on the HyperMiata to set the production car lap record at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway!


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You guys are great! The new suspension is in and the ride is much improved. Thanks for the great service.

-- Chuck

Brian, Thank you!!! We last spoke in November about some upgrades for my 2011 MX5 soft top. It has finally warmed up in NE Ohio and two relaxed weekends of wrenching on my car were well worth the effort. Installation of the RoadsterSport ceramic coated street header was straight forward and took under 8 hours, including a 40 minute test drive and cleanup of the garage! Combined with the RoadsterSport Q exhaust, the sound is fantastic and the increased torque, horsepower and performance make it a blast to drive. The addition of the Cobalt shock tower brace, Racing Beat sway bars, ILM front power train and X braces really enhanced the ride - minimal body roll, comfortable and very responsive. Your recommendations really helped transform the car from great to fantastic. Your research, product development and candid recommendations make you a standout in the industry. My only questions are - what's next on my list .... And how soon will my wife want the same upgrades on her 2012 PRHT ... Again, thank you!!! Charles G

-- Charles

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