Moroso NC Aluminum Tank COMBO for MX5
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Moroso NC Aluminum Tank COMBO


Coolant Expansion Tank and Power Steering Tank PLUS FREE CSF Cap SPECIAL!

PART NUMBER: 61-2194


Reg. Price: $555.99

Sale Price: $473.00




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Reg. Price: $555.99

Sale Price: $473.00




Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


COMBO DEAL! Buy the combo here and we include a CSF 20 psi radiator cap for the coolant expansion tank at no extra charge! ** Please note the power steering tank uses the factory cap; no cap is provided for that tank.**

Direct replacement for your factory plastic tanks. This combo includes our super popular Coolant Expansion tank and Power Steering tank. Made in the USA, all aluminum with beautiful TIG welding. Constructed with internal baffles and machined aluminum necks that take the factory caps. All of the inlets and outlets are positioned to match up with the factory hoses. The tanks mount to the same locations as the factory tanks and are built with the same dimensions for an easy fit.

NEW optional satin black powdercoated finish offers a more subtle option than the bare aluminum. The satin black is a low-gloss finish that looks right at home in the NC engine bay, unlike a wrinkle or high gloss black that matches nothing around it. Some other examples of powdercoated tanks done by individuals or other shops make the mistake of coating the nipples where hoses and cap attach. That is a no-no! This premium powdercoating is done at the factory the correct way with all critical areas properly masked so that you get a great looking finish without compromises.

Coolant Tank:
As these cars age, the factory plastic tank is a common failure point because the plastic gets brittle and cracks. Unlike the earlier cars where that just meant a leak, the NC relies on this tank to be a pressurized part of the cooling system, which means that as soon as a crack forms the system loses pressure and the engine overheats. We've had more and more people bring in cars with blown motors due to this simple failure, and along with a new expansion tank now they need a new motor as well, so we decided it was time for a "lifetime" solution. This tank is the solution. It will not fail over time like the factory tank, and looks great as well!

Installation NOTES:
CLAMPS: While the factory squeeze-clamps on the hoses can be re-used, they get weaker the more they are removed/installed and having a tight seal on all the hoses is important since this tank is pressurized. We recommend changing the squeeze clamps out for worm drive hose clamps which can be found at any auto parts store. #4 worm clamp (x2) for the top two nipples, #10 worm clamp (x1) for the bottom.
COOLANT CAP: Your factory coolant cap will work on this tank. You might need to very slightly adjust the 'tangs' on the factory cap to fit the new metal neck with same tension as it did on the factory softer plastic neck, takes a few seconds to do with pair of needle nose pliers.
** If you want to replace your coolant cap, we sell a CSF high pressure cap available separately on this site. Search for part # 61-2853 to find it.

Power Steering Tank:
This all-aluminum replacement will never wear out and looks great. The custom machined neck takes the factory cap. Tank features internal baffles to reduce aeration of the fluid. Direct replacement for the factory tank. We always recommend changing the factory hose clamps out for worm-drive style hose clamps, available from any auto parts store.

Checking the level:
To make it easy to check the level of your power steering fluid, we made use of the features we were already adding; Unlike the factory tank, this one has internal baffles to help reduce aeration of the fluid. The top-most baffle is placed at the full position for the fluid. Therefore, when you take the cap off and look inside you can only see down to the top surface of that baffle. If you see fluid at or slightly above that baffle, you're full and good to go. If the baffle/plate is dry, just add fluid until you see it.

Great write-up of the coolant tank install process over on the Revlimiter blog:

YES, there is a view window on the side so you can see coolant level, see it in that window and you are good to go!

Optional satin black powdercoated finish!



Customer Reviews

Moroso NC Aluminum Tank COMBO

Installed this within a 100 miles of buying the car. The satin black powdercoated finish looks great and blends in really well in the engine bay. Levels are real easy to see with a small flashlight.

Great combo kit and Excellent quality. Bonus: Black color looks great!

Since my car is an 08 and the plastic coolant tank is a weak spot in the system I went with the Moroso to upgrade the system. I wanted to change all the fluids in the car since its 14 year old so while I this was being done I had the PS reservoir changed with the Moroso as well. I got the black powder coating and it made an improvement to the appearance of the engine bay. The performance being foremost I no longer have to worry about the plastic cracking and ruining everything. A definite must have.

Purchased a MOROSO Black Powder Coating Aluminum Tank Combo.
Gorgeous, well designed and made, very impressed. Installation of the coolant reservoir took less then 30min, took longer to suck out the coolant from the original tank then it did to change out the tank. I used a horrible pump, should have bought a better one (I couldn't find a turkey baster narrow enough to fit into the tank). Old tank had mould growing along the centre seam and the cap neck was really starting to get flexible, so changed out the old tank just in time. Didn't owe me anything, as it was 14 years old.
Fit and Finish of the MOROSO black powder coat tank is amazing, I really like it.
Just have to do the PWR Steering Reservoir now.

I got the black-coated tank and cap. Excellent product quality, fit and workmanship. Easy to install. Highly recommended DIY project, upgrade and peace of mind.

This combo pack is a great way to get them. Both tanks are well made and the finish is first rate.

Both of these tanks are excellent and they fit perfectly. I have the stock airbox and the sight glass is easy enough to see.

Installation note for the power steering tank: I used a SAE 10 rolled edge hose clamp for each line. So for the installation of both tanks you will need three sae 10 clamps and two sae 4 clamps.

Very high quality products. Perfect fit made for easy install.
Happy to replace my 7+ year old discolored plastic tanks with something that will probably outlast most of the parts on the car.
I agree the sight glass is not easy to see/read due to the airbox location, but I'm not sure where else it could have gone.

Bought the combo PS/ Coolant tanks in powder coat black. Look amazing and well built.

9-15-2020. Just installed the Moroso black powered coated coolant recovery tank, and the black power steering tank. Very easy to install. No more worries about a plastic coolant tank failure. The high quality and look of these tanks complement the engine compartment. I also had a coolant flush done at my Mazda dealer as per the 10 year factory service recommendation. The CSF coolant tank cap that Good-Win sells fits perfectly unlike the Mazda stock tank cap. Soon the car will be in storage for the winter months. This spring I will add the mid pipe to give the exhaust a little more deeper sound with the super Q muffler. I have about 400 miles on the car since the muffler was installed and the sound gets better and better. I would like to thank Good-Win for there help, I only wished I lived closer to them. I sure love my cooper red mica NC it makes me smile when I drive it.

Ps It just turned over 8000 miles.

I recently did a refresh on the car, had a ceramic coat applied as well as an engine bay shampoo. Couldn't believe what a difference it made to MOST of the engine... except the yellowing plastic containers. When I read up about most issues with these cars many seem to point out the short life expectancy of the plastic and rubber components, so seeing these tanks as a combo I ordered them, and they arrived within days. As the install requires removing the stock air filter, out of curiosity I had a look to find the AEM intake-- what a great time to upgrade if you have to take the stock one out. Definitely worth considering! I have had absolutely no troubles dealing with Good-Win Racing and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to treat their car right, whether you're a professional race driver or (like me) even just interested in having a car you can enjoy every day. Cheers!

Recently installed on my 2012 MX5 with 34,000 miles that I autocross only, when I discovered a seam leak in my coolant tank during my winter time downtime maintenance inspection. I bought the combo aluminum coolant tank, power steering tank.

Install went very easy and tanks look great and will give me a better feeling about not having an unexpected coolant tank failure while autocrossing on the many 90+ degree days we run on during the dogs days of summer.

Only complaint is the coolant level site glass is difficult to see the coolant level.

Still am very pleased with the purchase, ease of install, and quality of construction of these Moroso aluminum tanks.

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