Performance Friction Brake Pads - 11 Compound - Rear for Miata 2001-2005 SPORT
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Performance Friction Brake Pads - 11 Compound - Rear

2001-2005 SPORT


PART NUMBER: 61-2295


Price: $189.95



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Price: $189.95



Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


NOTE: Fits 2001-2005 Miata rear SPORT calipers. These pads are made to order. Please allow 5-7 business days when ordering.

Performance Friction Brake Pads - 11 compound

High-end racing pads for the Miata. These accomplish what cheaper pads cannot - stable, high braking torque across the temperature range! Less than a 4% change in torque over 1000+ degrees of operating temperature.

Mario Andretti called this pad "first turn ready". Better torque at cold temperatures than any of our other "track/race" pads, and these don't change character as they heat up.

Some of the smoothest release characteristics in the industry - very responsive to pedal input and modulation.

The PFC 11 compound is the top choice in many professional Sanctioning bodies including IMSA Tudor, Pirelli world challenge, NASCAR, clio cup and Indy lights (before they switched to carbon/carbon).

The PFC 11 is the OEM choice on the Porshe 991 Cup car.

These pads are best when used with a high grip tire. Recommended tires: BFG Rivals, Hankook RS-3, Nitto NT-01, Maxxis RC-1, Toyo RR, Continental slicks, Hoosier (all), BFG R1.

My new favorite brake pad. Unlike almost every other track pad, these don't need hundreds of degrees in them before working AND they are stable up to the highest temperatures seen in professional racing. I used to have one set of pads for the street and autocross, and a separate set for the track. Now I leave the PFC pads in the car for everything! And the kicker is these do not need any fancy bed-in procedure. Just head out to turn 1 and hit the brakes!

*These are race pads! Dust is inevitable.
*These pads have a high torque rating, see the list of tire recommendations above, these do not pair well with standard street tires.



Customer Reviews

Performance Friction Brake Pads - 11 Compound - Rear

Received my custom sets of PFC 11 rear pads that actually properly fit the 2002 sport rear calipers.

When the website says they are custom made, it is not a lie. These were sent to me direct from PFC (Mid Covid19 = 5 weeks) and were obviously cut from another set of pads. They do give up a bit of swept area say 5%, but they fit perfectly.

I really am surprised these are not a stocked item by several dealers as the PFC 01-11 compound is fantastic and the sport rear is such a great match for many of the big brake kits on the market. Yes you pay a bit more for PFC but its a fantastic compound not like the stuff on many lower priced pads.

Great job Goodwin getting me a great set of pads other venders said couldn't be done.

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