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Longacre SFI Rated Roll Bar Padding - 3 ft


Miata 1990-2005 · Roll-Bars

Part Number: 61-2339

Application: 1990-2005

Price: $28.00


Longacre SFI Rated Roll Bar Padding - 3 ft
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Required in NASA, SCCA, etc. anywhere your head my contact the roll bar. Straight "stick" of padding, form and cut to length as needed for your bar.
- Rating meets SFI spec 45.1
- Provides maximum in energy absorption and flame retardation
- Will not drip or melt in fire
- Fits 1-1/2" and 1-3/4" bars. All Blackbird Fabworx and Hard Dog roll bars OK.
- 36" length, pre-taped adhesive inside. We recommend additional fastening with zip ties in addition to the adhesive.

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I absolutely love my Roadster Sport headers, mid pipe and Q muffler. I have owned a lot of cars over the years and the quality of your product is truly exceptional. The ability to tune the Super Q is very much appreciated.

-- Tony G.

The Konig Lightspeeds are incredible. Perfect and the best price in the market. Thanks Chris and Robbie


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