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MeisterR ZetaCRD Coilovers - NC


Miata MX5 2006-2015 · Suspension · Coilovers

Part Number: 61-2502

Application: 2006-2015

Price: $995.00


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MeisterR ZetaCRD Coilovers - NC
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MeisterR ZetaCRD coilovers for the NC MX5.

Front Top Mount: Aluminium with harden rubber bush Front Springs Rate: 7kg/mm

Rear Top Mount: Aluminium with harden rubber bush (Extended) Rear Springs Rate: 5kg/mm

The MeisterR ZetaCRD coilovers are designed for fast road and occasional track day use. Engineered to reduce body roll while providing compliant handling. Damping and ride height adjustable gives you full control over the vehicle suspension setting for the road or on the track.

ZETA is the symbol for "damping ratio", a measurement describing how oscillations in a system die down after a disturbance. The ability to control oscillations is the most important function of a suspension system and it is the concept that the ZetaCRD coilovers are build upon.

Brian's Feedback: MANY customers asked us to try them. The upside is lots of BIG VALUE here, good quality springs and anodized everything and top mounts. We drove these hard in our NC Budget Racer Project. Ride is firm on softest setting to full stiff and cracks in pavement are sharp even on the soft settings when these are fresh from the box, but they break in nicely and get reasonable on ride for the 7kg/5kg spring rates and will charge a canyon or autocross reasonably well. If serious about autocross and track jump to our higher rate 10kg/6kg kit. No dual flow valve like the much higher cost Ohlins to mask the impact of track curbs and real world potholes but just half the money here too, lots here for the low cost. Not DOT or TUV approved, they come marked 'For Off-Road Use Only'.
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Hi Brian, I just bought a heatshield and a cruise control relocation bracket for my '95 Miata from you. It is in the mail now. Thanks for such fast service. (My cruise is just wrapped up in a microfiber shoprag at this time!)

-- Bob

I received great help from Good-Win on choosing these wheels and tires and the cost + shipping was very nice, but the help you get here is worth any cost.

-- Bob H.

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