RoadsterSport Premium 304 Stainless Midpipe for MX5-ND
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RoadsterSport Premium 304 Stainless Midpipe


Picture shows polished but we have done away with polishing to partially offset massive converter cost increases. Updated picture coming soon.

PART NUMBER: 61-2660


Reg. Price: $918.85

Sale Price: $799.00


Due to EPA restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to California.


Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.

Reg. Price: $918.85

Sale Price: $799.00


Due to EPA restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to California.


Free shipping offers apply only to destinations within US Lower 48.


Includes our Made In America All Stainless Steel Lifetime Warranty
Roadstersport 304 stainless midpipe. Folks asked us to update our midpipe offerings to include 304 stainless, which we were previously missing, but now we have it! Carries over popular features from MaxMidpipe including big 5 inch body converter for max flow and longevity and extra large resonator for best rasp control.

We have the ONLY full 5 inch diameter body ultra highflow 200 CPI converter, with 2.5 inch diameter piping end to end ND Midpipes on the market. Most other choices on the market are 4 inch body cats, this 5 inch body design flows massively better. The math tells you the big news here: area of a 4 inch circle is 12.6 square inches, area of a 5 inch circle is 19.63 square inches, which means our 5 inch body Converter flows nearly 60% better than a 4 inch design!

INCLUDES O2 SENSOR CONNECTION AFTER CONVERTER which means you are ready to add a performance header (relocating the factory second O2 sensor after the converter in this midpipe to help avoid codes.).

Despite very large resonator, this midpipe will raise the final sound level because of the much higher flow.

SORRY, NOT CARB APPROVED FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS, WE CANNOT SHIP TO A CALIFORNIA ADDRESS. CARB NOTICE: Not CARB approved (and therefore legal in California for off road use only). Note that there are states in addition to California that now follow the California model and require CARB compliance, please check the rules of your state before ordering, in some states this setup is legal only for race cars and may never be used on public highway. Sorry, we will not ship these to residents of California.

INSTRUCTIONS....see installation instructions in our forum in the Instructions Section, RoadsterSport Midpipe install page 4 and beyond...and note this unit is plug and play on Manual Transmission cars, we have NOT fit it to Automatic cars.

All install hardware is included. Note that in going to this midpipe you get a standard flat gasket and a pair of nuts and bolts for the connection to any of our RoadsterSport mufflers so we can convert from the factory leak prone gasket and spring setup to a standard flat flange to flat flange setup. And we add the dedicated flex joint to take over the job that the factory springs and round gasket were doing before. So, you will not use the factory gasket again, and will not use the spring/bolt factory bits. The factory setup was trying to do two jobs at once, handle flex with a gasket and spring setup that had one side round and springs to keep it reasonably flush, and that setup was not great at either the prevention of exhaust gasses escaping or the flex needs for very aggressive driving. The dedicated flex joint we built into the setup is a much more complete and effective setup for handling the most aggressive driving. For the connection between header and midpipe you reuse the factory hardware.

NOT designed to fit up to the factory muffler. We know that some folks have done it, but we do not recommend it as it would require at minimum some creative solutions for the hardware and the gasket seal, and it would likely still be prone to leaking, and doesn't make sense anyways to have the high flow benefits of the midpipe and header upstream all get thrown away by putting the small diameter restrictive stock muffler behind it.

Brian's Installation Tips: Adjust it too long at slip joint and it will hang too low and bang braces, make it too short at the slip joint in the middle and it will sit too high and tap the differential housing. For these reasons, a professional muffler shop install may be required. Spray a little soap and water on the slip joint between two halves of the midpipe so you can smoothly play with that length and alignment of both ends. You can spend 20 minutes on the first try and not have it right, or spend more time and get it right, we suggest more time up front to make sure you have no points of contact (grab finished install and yank in all directions to see if hit taps anything, adjust again if it does).

Warranty note on the converter: warranty covers defective converter only. But you can burn up a cat with abnormally high exhaust gas temperatures from track use, supercharger, aftermarket ECU tune, ignition system failure causing a rich mixture, and more. Warranty does NOT cover damage to the cat from these external variables. A failed cat must be sent to the factory for inspection before it can be determined if it is covered under warranty or not.



Customer Reviews

RoadsterSport Premium 304 Stainless Midpipe

I should have listened to the description and not the idiot who left the review below me, because this absolutely does not fit the Automatic transmission, just like the description says. Thankfully though my exhaust guy at the shop is one of the best there is, so he only charged me a little extra to cut it and re-weld everything, and with 0 leaks and a little professional modification, it is now running beautifully on an automatic ND. It's not too loud, but sounds incredible, and I also have header and axel back equipped to this incredible mid pipe. Thanks guys!

The install was very easy and definitely fits the automatic transmission. There was plenty of slack for the O2 sensor, the wire had to be zip-tied out of the way. This, coupled with the 4-2-1 header and super-q twin tip is louder than stock, but not too loud unless I give it the beans. Accelerating under bridges and tunnels creates an orchestral trumpet section of fun and will put a smile on your face (if the Miata didn't already).

Just installed the full RoadsterSport system and I couldn't be happier. The midpipe shipped quickly and installed easily. Build quality is superb and fits perfectly with the rest of the system. Highly recommend

Received and installed the mid pipe recently. Absolutely great customer service and advice from Greg at Goodwin. Greg has truly been my mentor in creating excellent improvements with amazing experience. Greg has been very patient in teaching me and explaining the reason for each choice I have made in making my ND2 faster and better handling with each purchase from Goodwin. The mid pip with it's larger higher flow catalytic converter mad an immediately noticeable improvement in power and torque without even a flash in the tune. It also improved the sound of the exhaust. It was a very straight forward basic install with 2.5" diameter from end to end. Top quality construction and fits perfectly. NIce deeper exhaust sound! Highly recommended. I will be relying on Greg as I move along with this ND2 project car which is for street use only down here in south Florida
Mort, G

Installed this midpipe - actually I installed RoadsterSport header, midpipe and muffler - this weekend.

I did this at home with 12" race ramps under the front wheels and a set of jack stands under the rear lifting points.

Install could go a bit easier if GWR decided to put forth a little effort and create a reasonable paper product install manual they shipped with their product, but after tiresome searching through the forum pages I found enough random details to get it together. Although, I must say I really have no idea if my bolt connections to header and muffler are exactly as GWR intended.

The adjustable junction between front half and rear is a godsend and really eases install. Absolutely pleased with product appearance and quality of build. Grateful that the oxygen sensor relocation behind the converter is thought of and built-in to the midpipe.

Note: I have an automatic transmission and I installed the midpipe with ZERO ISSUES. No, I did not have to do any metal trimming on guards around the transmission pan. No, the midpipe is not in contact with anything it should not be in contact with. These remarks are valid however only to other drivers who are also replacing the stock header with the RoadsterSport header as I did.

Shipping was really fast from one coast to the other, and I appreciated the cost included in the material price.

This was installed with the Super Q twin tip (SQTT) on our 2020 MX5. The metalwork was high quality and packaging was more than adequate to protect in shipping. Almost seems a shame to put it under the car where no one can see it!

This definitely added volume to the SQTT, especially as the revs climb. It really screams when you get over 6k rpm but is more than manageable at 3-5k for long periods of driving, especially when paired with baffles on the SQTT.

I wrote a review on the super Q header mid pipe and exhaust kit but I actually ordered it in pieces and then regretted doing so. I should have ordered it all at one time. This midpipe just cannot be compared to any other mid pipes on the market when you unbox it you're going to know exactly what I mean. When I was pulling it out of the box laying it on my living room floor I whispered damn! And my buddy that was with me said that certainly looks robust.

Between this the headers and exhaust, doing my ecutek ECU and running on 93 octane it literally feels like a different car. It pulls like it just did not before.

I was unsure because I had a bad experience buying a cheap exhaust system so I made the mistake of buying it one piece at a time which left me having the stainless steel header not the ceramic that comes with the kit for the same price.

Seriously just buy the super Q header mid pipe and exhaust kit. My car sounds amazing. I could deal with it being a little bit louder but then I get flashbacks of the raspy incredibly loud exhaust kit that I already paid for and wound up ripping out. If you don't want to sound like a racer boy but you want something throaty and a well-made product at the same time this is the way to go. I'm super happy with my purchase.

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